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Recensioner av Market Risk Measurement and Management

Snittbetyg: 4,9

Baseras på 13 recensioner.

Christian Wik, Danske Bank
Fulfilled my expectations. Applicable in daily work. Good balance between theory and practice. Liked that theory was illustrated with examples (calculations etc.) Clear and concise communication. Very good at making the subjects and theoretical aspects understandable.
Jonas Sjöstedt, Nordax Bank
Very good course. Not too basic level and a good mix between theory and exercises. Very good teaching methods. The instructor had very good knowledge on the topic and no problem answering questions.
Evelina Kalmnäs Lindqvist, Förste AP-Fonden
The module gave a good view not only on the "number" of VAR but on the word behind the number. Good with a lot of easy examples. Good combination of theory and reality. The instructor was easy to understand and it was free to ask questions. Good body language - felt like "one of us", not a teacher and a class.
Wilma Hedberg, Danske Bank
Exceeded my expectations - very high quality of content and teaching methods. Will be able to apply this in my work. The instructor was extremely skilled - knowledgeable and had very good teaching skills.
Elin Nordahl, Swedbank
Very good mix of theory and exercises. Excellent instructor. Very good course facilities.
Frederik Casselhag, B3 Management AB
Very good course!
Louise Millesten, Volvo Car Corporation
I have got a better understanding of market risk and many new ideas of how to improve our risk methods and reports. The teaching methods was very good with examples, exercises and use of white board. The instructor was easy to understand and gave good examples. There was good food and service and the room was also good.
Pinar Omeroglu, B3IT Management AB
I have learned alot on risk during the course even though I have no financial background. There was a perfect combination of theory and practice. The instructor was highly motivating! It was an intense course yet pretty fun and interesting.
Karl Hultkrantz, Nordea
Great course! Excellent instructor. Great location, nice food and fantastic coffee breaks. All in all very good.
Christopher Danielson, Linköpings Universitet
I think it was a good mixture between theory and practice. I really liked the exercises in excel and to build the exercises on the theory/lecture was super! The instructor was really easy to follow. I liked that he asked the participants how it was used in there work. That made me feel like we were a part and that we could have questions and dis...
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Ann Carlsson
Excellent combination of calculations and regulations. The course facilities are good.
Siamand Babataheri
Great teaching methods and great course facilities.
Anders Frennstedt
Good. If anything would have liked even more on math calculating at the expense of describing stress testing and other more easily understandable things. Good instructor with very clear pedagogic.
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