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Recensioner av Credit Risk Measurement and Management

Snittbetyg: 4,8

Baseras på 24 recensioner.

Christer Löfgren, Boverket
Excellent course, especially day 1 was highly relevant for my work! But also Basel III and IV and CDS is higly relevant. Good relation between theory and practice.
Mia O'Conner, Skandikon Administration AB
Good overall impression. Nice with the exercises to test various models. The instructor is very knowledgable! Encouraged questions and participation. Nice, small group.
Shabana Mugdal, Garantiinstituttet for Eksportkreditt
Very good course, especially the combination of theory and examples
Henrik Larsen, Nordea Bank
As an architect I find this course extremely valuable for a deep insigt in the domain. Very good examples to explain the principle. Excellent teacher being able to explain the same thing from different angles.
Niklas Norrby, iSEC Services AB
The credit risk part was very good to learn although it is not an area I work with a lot. Counterparty risk was highly relevant and the part about CDS was more of my own interest.
Pinar Omeroglu, B3 Management
I found a lot of inspiration that can be used at work. There was a sufficient amount of exercises and theory. The instructor was very much skilled in teaching risk.
Johan Lindqvist, Qliro
Overall very good (close to 5) Great with some exercises to each area. Good level of the explinations etc.
Magnus Pettersson, AB Svensk Exportkredit
Very good course. It covered a lot in only two days. Highly recommended! Very good combination of examples and theory. The instructor was knowledgeable!
Karl Hultkrantz, Nordea
Great course and teaching methods. Excellent instructor.
Frederik Hauge, Banking Circle
Excellent course and instructor.
Joakim Sternhufvud, SKF International
Perfect teaching methods and great instructor.
Mattias Klint, B3IT Management
Excellent course and very good teaching methods. Excellent instructor and very good course facilities.
Axel Olsson, Ficope Risk Management
I really enjoyed the seminar. I have not worked that much with credit risk so I found it very interesting. Good combination of theory and practice. The instructor was very competent and intuitiv. He had knowledge of both theory and how its used in practice.
Filip Gagneus, Husqvarna
Everything was excellent. The instructor was very professional and communicative and gave examples that can be related to todays market.
Mikael Polo, Nordax Bank
The course had a good variation of theory and practice. Jørgen is an excellent lecturer with a deep knowledge in credit risk.
Fumiko O'keefe, SKF International AB
The course was very well explained and easy to follow. Counter party risk could be used for my work. Good exemples and adequete time for exercises. The instructor had clear explanations with good examples.
Mats Slotte, Nordic Development Fond
The course gave an excellent overview of the subject. These are definitely things that I can pick up and apply to my work. The instructor was very compentent and had a good relaxed way of communicating and explaining complicated things.
Jenny Spångberg, Kammarkollegiet
Very good teaching methods. The instructor was very good and so were the course facilities.
Marta Rydell, AP7
Good to mix between exercises and listening. Very good instructor and very good course facilities.
Lars Martinsson, Nordea
Good balance. Small room without window so not that optional course facilities .
Ann Carlsson, SEB
Very good but challenging. Very good teaching methods with solutions on the exercises so you can practice at home. Very good course facilities.
Anders Frennstedt, SEB
Very good, pedagogic and clear. The trainer was very clear and could also answer everything. Really good service and food.
Siamand Babataheri, AP7
Good, relevant and educational. Good with variation/workshop/case tasks. Great course facilities.
Safia Djemili, SEB
Good teaching methods with excel exercises also. Good trainer and good facilities. Especially the food. Good that we were only 10 persons so that we could ask questions.
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