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The Human Brain and Artificial Intelligence 7,5 ECTS

Luleå Tekniska Universitet
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The Human Brain and Artificial Intelligence 7,5 ECTS

The Human Brain and Artificial Intelligence 7,5 ECTS

Knowledge of how the brain processes information can be used in human-computer interaction, brain-computer interaction, self-driving cars and humanoid robots. Only our imagination sets the limits for how this knowledge can be used. Learn more in this course package.

The course package consists of three selectable internet courses.  The courses are preferable taken in sequence.

  1. The brain (3 ECTS)
    The course focus on how the human brain processes information. One example is how the nerve cells in one part of the brain (V1) respond to simple features (lines of some orientation). These simple features are further processed and combined in other parts of cortex. Thus, the visual system seems to have a hierarchical structure, implying that simple features are first extracted and then put together into more complicated ones (such as for example a familiar face).
  2. Neural networks (3 ECTS)
    The course focus on how brain processes can be emulated by means of artificial neural networks. An artificial neural network consists of interconnected nodes. Each node corresponds to a nerve cell in the brain. Learning is done by adjusting the strength of the connections between the nodes. This can be done by means of different algorithms. An example of how artificial neural networks have been used to emulate the visual system is Fukushima's neocognitron.
  3. The brain and neural networks - applications (1.5 ECTS)
    This course includes how this knowledge can be applied and gives the steps to come nearer the realization of humanoid robots with visual perception, motoric skills, executive functions, adaptability, memory and learning ability. Knowledge about the brain and how to emulate the brain´s information processes is essential to create this type of robot.

The courses are given in English and is performed as web-based distance learning without gatherings. Attendees will receive a certificate after course completion.

Target group; computer scientists, engineers and others interested in artificial intelligence.

Entry requirements; completed upper secondary education

Application deadline: January 12, 2020


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