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Engelska – One-to-One Personal Language Coach

Opus Anglia
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Your Personal Language Coach gives you results

One-to-One Personal Language Coach

– Language support on demand

With a Personal Language Coach you benefit from individual executive teaching, in order to achieve excellence in English communication. Both long-term to raise your level of expertise or to prepare you before a specific event.

After training with your Opus Anglia Personal Language Coach you will have gained:

  • Significant results with maxium efficiency
  • Specific language proficiency, command and greater self-confidence  in your niche area of responsibility
  • Improved English Writing Skills
  • Improved English Reading Skills
  • Improved English pronunciation
  • Powerful fluency
  • Increased negotiation skills
  • Better vocabulary
  • Maximised your communication skills and the impact you make on other people
  • Greater intercultural understanding in international business


Together we define which skills/areas you need to work on, based on our expertise and your needs. Here is a typical selection:

  • English language work
    Grammar, correction and accuracy. Vocabulary building. I keep you up to date on the latest vocabulary / language used in your field. Ongoing tutorials. You send in material, I correct it. We meet for feedback.

  • Pronunciation
    Drilling & correction. Use me as a Dialect coach to improve your accent.

  • Writing Skills
    We look at the documentation you need to master. Power-points, documentation, correspondence, proof-reading, translating from Swedish to English? – I am on hand to help. What do you need to write? Do you need to know how to take minutes? Write better emails? You get tips, technique and practise.

  • Reading Skills
    Technical texts, web information, manuals? Do you need to read faster, with greater accuracy? Do you lack vocabulary?

  • Negotiation skills
    Practise & strategies  for debate, convincing the listener, building arguments and closure.

  • Presentation technique & public speaking; production & performance
    I can help prepare your presentations: planning/ re-structuring/re-writing of your material, consultation for visual guidelines, rehearsal & drilling. We look at best strategies and  tackle  your own documentation and company material so you practise exactly what you need.

  • Preparation, rehearsal & coaching  for a special event.
    Feeling insecure? The key is good communications skills:

    Presentation Technique & rehearsal for the event
    Understanding:  Active listening, taking notes
    English for Meetings: practise & useful phrases
    Making a point: constructive argumentation/active language use
    Powerful Fluency: to chair/lead a meeting/make your point

  • Media Training for press conferences. Interview technique.


"You may not wish to focus on any English language training at all, because you do most of your pivotal communication in another language. No matter. You need more confidence and presentation skills.

I have taught many executives – Asians, Scandinavians, French, Spanish, Italian, German speakers –  who do not  use English at work very often, but need to function nevertheless in an international environment. They need coaching and public speaking training to be efficient and successful communicators. You may be addressing speakers of your own language, or another language. In English or not. The communication skills I train and coach you in – you can apply  in ANY language."

– Vanessa Poole, Chief Executive Trainer, Opus Anglia


Vanessa Poole is your Personal Language Coach & Corporate Communications Specialist

Vanessa has over 20 years’ experience of corporate training of groups and individuals from industry, large and small companies and the public sector in Skåne and southern Sweden.

She is a native English speaker with an Honours degree in English and Communications, a trained teacher, a University of Cambridge English language examiner and BCTC certified Business Culture Trainer (International House, London).

Vanessa has a background in journalism and advertising, theatre training and extensive experience of public performance and delivery, both in intercultural communication and as an entertaining and inspirational speaker and English language performer. 


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Opus Anglia

Opus Anglia

Opus Anglia erbjuder skräddarsydd utbildning i affärsengelska, presentationsteknik och interkulturell kommunikation.  "I know what you need to do, to get where you want to be." – Vanessa Poole, Chief Executive Trainer, Opus Anglia...

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