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Meatballs, Ikea and ABBA – Welcome to Sweden!

Swedish is a beautiful but sometimes tricky language to master because of its unique letters and a few grammatical rules based solely on sound. To learn Swedish is a great way to gain access to the Swedish society.
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The jewel of the north

Sweden is a country located in the northernmost part of Europe. The country is populated by around 10 million people, spread out along the country. The three largest cities in Sweden are Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.

Swedes are known for their friendly but reserved nature. The typical swede is one who works hard, is not easily insulted and while friendly and social; is not considered particularly extrovert. To make friends with swedes it is often a good idea to take it slow and not being to forward.

Learning Swedish

There are many ways for you to learn Swedish. You can learn a lot from talking to people and engaging in different social situations. There are plenty of tools you can use to connect with people such as Facebook or Meetapp.

The easiest way to get started is probably through the governmental program outscored by the Swedish government called: SFI (Swedish for immigrants). If SFI isn’t cutting it for you or if the wait to get in is too long, you can always find other Swedish courses.

The best method of learning a language is to use it as often a possible. So, try your best to speak as much Swedish as possible and don’t revert to English or another langue unless you absolutely must. By trying and staying persistent you will learn much more than if only study with a class. Swedes are often comfortable in English, so don’t be too quick to follow a Swedish person that switches to English. Keep trying and eventually you will notice an improvement in the flow of your Swedish.

Swedish courses

Of course, what kind of course you pick will also determine how in-depth or what direction the course will take. Some Swedish courses are more advanced while others focus just on the basics. Some teachers speak Swedish while teaching and some use English.

The length and place are also important factors; giving you the opportunity to study both online as well as in a classroom, in longer or shorter intervals pending on how much time you have and want to spend. Some providers offer private lessons with just you and a teacher while others are held in large or small groups of people. Choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Many courses offer an introductory level with the chance to advance to more intermediary and in-depth courses later on, once you mastered the basics.

Here are some of the basic elements of a random selection of courses that can you can find by using our platform.

  • Pronunciation: how to say certain words and letter formations.
  • Individual studies with you and a teacher.
  • Spelling, grammar and how to write.
  • Swedish culture, and how swedes behave.
  • Oral as well as written communication.
  • Online lessons.

An exiting culture awaits you – welcome to the Swedish language.

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– Jag fick med mig nya användbara verktyg från kursen som jag kommer kunna ha med mig livet ut – enkla, men väldigt effektiva, berättar Mikael Lahti.

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