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Analytics with Power BI

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Nästa tillfälle: 2019-09-12 - Distans
Distans, Göteborg, Stockholm
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This Power BI workshop is an intensive two-day course that is designed for beginners and information workers who want to learn utilize the tools available in the Power BI stack.

You will learn the basics of creating visualizations using the new Power BI desktop experience as well as using Excel 2013/2016 to create stunning visualizations of your data by the tools available in Power BI Desktop. You’ll also learn how to build scalable models using Power Pivot as well as using the query editor to shape, transform,combine and format your data.

Deep database knowledge is not required. Ideally participants would have a basic understanding of database terminology (tables, columns, rows, views, procedures, etc..)

Digital Material

This class is targeted for Power Users or End Users that are looking to design their own Power BI solutions.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Self Service BI-Solutions
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Data Visualization
  • Overview of Self-Service BI
  • Considerations for Self-Service BI
  • Microsoft Tools for Self-Service BI

What is Power BI?

  • An Introduction of the Power BI Stack
  • The Power BI Service
  • Power BI Mobile Apps

Power BI Data Sources

  • Using Excel as a Data Source for Power BI
  • Using Databases as a Data Source for Power BI
  • Importing Data from On-prem and External Data Sources
  • Tabular & Multidimensional Sources
  • File & Folder Sources
  • Web & ODATA Sources
  • Access, ODBC & OLEDB Sources

Day 2

Shaping, Transforming and Combining Data

  • Using Power Query to Sort, Group, Filter and Transform Data
  • Append & Merge Queries
  • Learn how to perform mashups
  • Advanced query Transformations

Modelling Data with DAX

  • Load Data into your Model
  • Create Data Models and Table Relationships
  • Create Calculated Columns and Measures
  • Create Hierarchies and KPIs
  • Optimize your model for better visualizations
  • Learn how to Incorporating Time Intelligence
  • Map your spatial data correctly for stunning Map visualizations

Interactive Data Visualizations

  • Get data, Create & edit queries
  • Learn how to perform mashups
  • Learn how to model data
  • Create reports from your queries
  • Import Visualizations

Deploy to the Power BI Cloud Service

  • Introducing the Power BI Cloud Service
  • Learn how to create Content packs
  • Installing the Power BI Personal Gateway
  • Administering your data sources, your queries and handle data refresh
  • Using the Q&A feature
  • Getting Insights from your data

 "En Great course and instructor! Gives a brief overview of what Business Intelligence is as a concept, introduces Power BI Desktop and Power BI Services, how they can be integrated in a BI solution and show the differences between Power BI and other BI front-ends such as Excel. Great course for Power BI beginners and for people new in the BI field!"
/ en nöjd deltagare 9/3-2017 


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