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Six Sigma Green Belt (English)

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40 timmar
12 800 SEK exkl. moms
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100% Online course = Start the training today! se detaljer
40 timmar
12 800 SEK exkl. moms
Nästa kurstillfälle
100% Online course = Start the training today! se detaljer
Från 12 800 SEK exkl. moms / person


Six Sigma is an improvement concept that has become very popular, and the explanation is simple, namely, the concept has brought great benefits to many organizations.

A short description of the concept is that you focus on variations and that the goal is to gain control over the variations of the business so that the processes become stable and reliable. A business that has control over the internal processes runs less risk of errors and can, instead of spending its energy on correcting deficiencies, focus on development and optimization.

You can also say that the concept is based on a very clear structure, both when it comes to the effective project model DMAIC and also when we look at available methods and tools.

This course gives you the competence level ”Six Sigma Green-Belt”, which means that you get a good prerequisite to assist the business’s improvement work but also to be able to act as a project manager for small to midsize improvement projects.

You will learn how the concept works and gain knowledge of the associated project model. This together with your new statistical skills and the set of quality technical tools allows you to feel comfortable in the role of ”Six Sigma Green-Belt”.

The course includes the following courses, and it is listed in the order we recommend that you complete them.

  1. Six Sigma Basic Course (Including DMAIC) 
  2. Minitab Basic Course
  3. Root Cause Analysis Course Package 1
  4. SIPOC
  5. Statistical Package 1
  6. Capability Analysis and Statistical Process Control
  7. Minitab Control Chart
  8. Root Cause Analysis Course Package 2
  9. SWOT

The training package ”Green-Belt” has been developed with the help of thorough research and after completed training you have the knowledge required for the current level.

The total time to complete this training package has been calculated to be approximately 40 hours. You who have purchased this training will have access to the course material for 130 days from the date you enrolled, which gives you plenty of time to plan and implement the various parts.

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100% Online course = Start the training today!

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  • Engelska


Course information:

  • The course contains questionnaires
  • Contains data material that may be downloaded and used by the course participant
  • The course includes that the course participant must implement and report on an improvement project (DMAIC)
  • No previous knowledge required
  • After completing the course, course participants receive a diploma as Green-Belt 
  • Estimated time consumption 40 hours
  • The course is available for 130 days from the date of purchase.
  • All course material and all media in the education are in English.


12 800 SEK exkl. moms

Examen, diplom m.m.

The course participant receives a Green-Belt diploma once the course package is completed and the course participant's DMAIC project has been reviewed and approved.


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