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Introduction to Sweden - Intercultural Training

Berlitz International Sweden AB
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Nästa tillfälle: Löpande, kontakta Berlitz - Stockholm
Ort: Göteborg, Malmö, Stockholm
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Löpande, kontakta Berlitz 
9 990 SEK
Löpande, kontakta Berlitz 
9 990 SEK
Löpande, kontakta Berlitz 
9 990 SEK


Introduction to Sweden - Intercultural Training

The program Introduction to Sweden - Intercultural Training focuses on bridging cultural barriers for international assignees and their families. 


Program Emphasis

  • Discuss myths and realities of expatriate life in the new country.
  • Explore the concept of cultural awareness and its impact on life adjustment.
  • Begin the process of developing cultural awareness, and explore the concepts of stereotypes and ethnocentrisms, and its impact on the adjustment process.
  • Become culture-savvy by introducing practices, as well as providing an understanding of daily living issues and social etiquette.
  • Build skills to manage cultural differences, and find culturally appropriate solutions to daily living and business situations in the new country.
  • Become conscious of one’s cultural preferences and how they might affect one’s interactions.
  • Develop a set of behavioral and cognitive skills that will enable you to manage more successfully in the new culture.
  • Recognize symptoms of culture shock and adopt management strategies to maximize the success of the assignment.

Program Deliverables

  • A working knowledge of social and business protocol and etiquette in the new culture.
  • Understand the Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI®) assessment and how to utilize its self validation and gap analysis tools.
  • One year access to your COI assessment and the country comparison toolkit.
  • A personal action plan for getting the most out of living and working in the new culture.

Program Design & Preparation Work
Participants will fill out a short questionnaire to assess their individual needs and take the Cultural
Orientations Indicator (COI®) assessment on-line prior to the program. It will be debriefed during the
program. Our cultural assessment, the Cultural Orientations Indicator, is organized into three dimensions
to help you identify your cultural preferences across your Interaction Style, Thinking Style, and Sense of
Self. The COI is validated for reliable results.

The assessment and report are available in 11 languages:
Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian),
Spanish (Americano Latino), and Spanish (Español). After taking the COI you can compare your personal
cultural preferences to over 50 national cultural models.

Berlitz International Assignment programs are designed to bridge cultural barriers for international
transferees and their families. Our programs can help avoid misunderstandings and facilitate effective
international communication.


Transfer employees and spouses who want to get a cultural introduction to the Sweden.


As A leading language and communication specialist, Berlitz has helped millions of people around the world to speak with confidence.  Join the world of Berlitz and discover your global potential.


”Vad jag tycker bäst om med Berlitz är den kundfokusen ni har!”

“My both Swedish teachers are really professional. Lessons are not boring, since they come up with different exercises. Additionally, we talk mainly about normal daily situations and I've noticed that I have more and more courage to speak Swedish also outside classroom.”

”Min lärare var mycket följsam och lyhörd. I vår konversation såg hon alltid till att rätta de fel som dök upp och hon hittade hela tiden nya infallsvinklar på det som vi grammatiskt övade på.”


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Berlitz International Sweden AB

Berlitz International Sweden AB

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Berlitz International Sweden AB

Olof Palmes Gata 23
111 22 Stockholm

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