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UGL in English

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Nästa tillfälle: 2019-05-13 - Stockholm
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  • Increase your effectiveness as a leader and your self-awareness
  • Group dynamics and development
  • Conflict resolution, feed-back and effective communication

UGL is the most renowned leadership training program in Scandinavia, established in 1981 by the Swedish Armed Forces. Today many major Swedish organizations rely on UGL training as a part of their HR developmental program.


Managers and employees at all levels within the organization, who want to develop as persons, co-workers and leaders.

Syfte och Mål

The objective of the course is to enhance participants' abilities to:

  • work with reflection and learning both individually and as part of a group,
  • understand and deal with conflicts,
  • communicate directly and clearly,
  • understand the effects of feelings on individuals and at a group level,
  • give and take effective feedback,
  • understand how values affect relationships and leadership,
  • identify different stages in the development of a group, understand your own attitude related to that understanding, and that different leadership styles are needed


The course format is an intense five-day residential course (Monday-Friday). UGL starts Mondays at 10.30 a.m. and ends Fridays at 3.00 p.m. UGL is a demanding course and we assume that all participants are in psychological balance and willing to put in the efforts that the course requires.

The number of participants is limited to 12, with two facilitators.

Course venue

The courses are held at Näsby Slott in Näsbypark, Stockholm, 15 km north of Stockholm. For more information, go to

Working methods and content

The pedagogical approach of the UGL course is based on "Experiential Learning", which means that UGL allows the participants themselves to experience situations that reflect group dynamics and to understand their own roles in this group environment.


27 900 kronor exkl. moms.


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