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Recensioner av ComCult AB

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I learned a lot in a short time
SH - HR Practioner, private
The material is very helpful for my daily work. All situations and topics in my work have been covered
Head of S & D, Deutsche Bahn, Germany
The teachers were very competent, enthusiastic and the content was very useful for my job
HR Professional, Bayer AG, Germany
The teachers met our needs and their feedback was very good
SC, Personnel Manager, Faiveley Transport, Italy
Very good course content. Teachers were prepared and competent
SR, ISP, Italy
I would like to thank the Linguarama people at Cheney Court for their high-quality teaching and their passion. We were really engaged in our courses and the great atmosphere of Cheney Court: at the end of our course I saw some Italian colleagues having breakfast with sausages, mushrooms and scrambled eggs (...), speaking English on the phone wi...
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EF Deputy Director, National Police Board, Sweden
Excellent course. It was intensive and I like your energy and I achieved my objectives
FF, Head of HR, IDS Imaging, Germany
Thanks for all. It was a wonderful experience at Cheney Court
RO, Lett Law Firm, Denmark
the trainers were all very committed and engaged. I feel they care for me
PM, HR Manager, EON, Germany
Very helpful vocabulary. The teachers were competent, open minded with good social skills and were able to create a good atmosphere in the group
Harald Cholewa, Saint-Gobain
Dear Maria, it was a brilliant course, with a lot of "personalization". Best language training I had . Thank you very much for that.
Completely tailor made interactive courses
Jag har aldrig genomfört en så nyttig och trevlig kurs. Läraren är fantastisk och har aldrig fått mig att känna mig dum. Utan precis tvärtom.De olika uppgifterna som han presenterat har varit utmanande vilket är precis vad som behövs för att man ska ta sig framåt.
Persson - Sverige
Genom utomordentligt kunnig, inspirerande och utmanande handledare har jag genom denna utbildning utvecklat mig långt över förväntan både verbalt, grammatiskt och skriftligt. Självförtroendet vid kommunikation med engelsktalande personer har med ComCults handledning kraftigt ökats.
Kristina Orban - Sweden
I give my best recommendation for this course. It is very professional, wonderful teachers and perfect study facilities. Individual requirements were met for each participant.
Eric Andrieu - MEP, France
The programme was excellent. The trainers were competent and really complimentary. It’s a perfect service.
E AIF - Al-Rashed Group, Kuwait
The quality of the teachers and the content of the course was above and beyond my expectation. I am such a more confident communicator now.
Stefano Martarelli - ISP
Marvellous location, punctual and efficient organization. Efficient, coordinated, lively and attentive team of teachers. My objectives were completely met.
Dagmar, Germany
Cheney Court is definitely a great place to improve your language skills. Cheney Court is definitely a great place to improve your language skills. The program is far more than an English training course. The teachers even help with rhetoric and presentation skills.
Rune Svensson, Sweden
The teachers were very good. My objectives were achieved as much as possible in a week and I am more self-confident now.
PV - Enaex, Chile
The commitment of the trainers is very high. That is the key to the success of Cheney Court. They are different in their approach but each brings a different perspective which is very positive. In addition the food is excellent, the accommodation very good and the social programme contributes absolutely to a very positive experience.
OH - Dekabank, Germany
The trainers were prepared, friendly, competent and concentrated. My objectives were to develop my language for presentations and meetings. The result after one week was very good and I am very satisfied. In conclusion the organization of the course, the social programme, the accommodation, the meals was very good from beginning to end.
Ezio Barbero - ISP, Italy
The programme was perfectly tailored to my needs. Very flexible and rich in content. The teachers were very competent, prepared and professional. This meant my objectives were absolutely achieved. Every time I go to Cheney Court I can fine tune my English. I think the programme is a must for learning English
Lionel De la Sayette - Dassault Aviation
The course was totally in line with my specific requests. Excellent is the right word for the food according to my experience
TH - GFKL Financial Services, Germany
Everything was organized perfectly, I had the perfect teaching plan. All I can say is excellent, thank you. It was best English course in England.
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