Diploma Course in Parent Coaching

1 år
1 år
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Diploma Course in Parent Coaching

Work as a parent coach in accordance to Jesper Juul’s theories and teachings.

Welcome to the Familylab Online Diploma Course in Parent Coaching – a unique training opportunity for individuals who are interested in coaching parents and couples. Our one year program has earned a FamilyLab International Coach Certification, ensuring that you’ll receive a top-quality education. Our Diploma Course in Parent Coaching is based on a dialogue-based approach with relational competence and the fundamental principles of coaching. We use course material from Jesper Juul’s teachings as well as the latest in the coaching field.

After completing the training, you will be able to:

  • Coach individuals in the process from the current state to the desired state.
  • Identify the individual’s needs behind their behavior.
  • Map out what builds a healthy psychological safety in a family.
  • Find a balance in your role as a mentor coach for parents.
  • Lead manual-based parenting courses and create your own workshops and lectures.

Date & Registration


Module one: 14-15 October 2023
Module two: 11-12 November 2023
Module three: 13-14 January 2024
Module four: 24-25 February 2024
Module five: 23-24 March 2024
Module six: 27-28 April 2024
Module seven: 1-2 June 2024
Module eight: 21-22 September 2024


Registration is open until the group is fully booked. Register now to secure your spot.

Program structure


Day 1 & 2: Coaching in theory and practice. The role of a coach.

  • After this module, you will be able to begin your training in coaching skills and adopt a coaching approach towards other individuals, clients, and groups.

Day 3 & 4: Introduction to Jesper Juul’s analysis tools for inner existential well-being and external behaviors/symptoms.

  • After this module, you will be able to analyze human needs behind behaviors. You can navigate between different parenting styles and become comfortable with the parenting style that builds resilient children with responsibility, integrity, and self-esteem.

Day 5 & 6: Process coaching. Professional coaching tools.

  • After these days, you will have sufficient models, tools, and training to start working with your own practice clients. You will now have access to organized and regular online supervision and support through your coaching partner.

Day 7 & 8: Fundamental values for functioning family communities.

  • After this module, you will be able to identify what is missing in dysfunctional families and recognize and explain what builds psychological safety.

Day 9 & 10: Group and team coaching. Couple and family coaching.

  • After this module, you will feel more confident and have more tools for coaching parents and couples. You are now ready to receive and coach colleagues in groups and teams.

Day 11 & 12: Review and structure of parenting courses.

  • After this module, you can lead parenting courses and receive information on how and where to package and market courses and workshops as a self-employed individual.

Day 13 & 14: Certification days, presentation of client work. You will receive personal developmental feedback on your client work and on you as a parent coach.

  • After this module, you will further refine your abilities as a parenting, couple, and family coach. You will have continued access to online supervision for an additional three months.

Day 15 & 16: Review of lecture manuals with various themes and target groups. Blended families, teenage families, from couples to families, professional development, etc.

  • After this module, you will be able to create your own personalized workshops and lectures with various themes. You can lead parenting courses.


Coaching with the highest quality!

For your and your clients’ safety, this training is quality-assured by the international professional organization FamilyLab. This means that upon completion of the training, you will work according to FamilyLab’s ethical guidelines, receive a FamilyLab Diploma, and become a part of FamilyLab coaching network where you will receive ongoing training and supervision to ensure the quality and development of your professional work, as well as marketing yourself as a coach.

Diploma Certification Requirements:

Attend all training sessions
Present 3 client cases
Complete 100 hours of intentional practice Write a reflection on yourself as a Parent and Family Coach
Read the course literature, which consists of six books.


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