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Lauterbach Debugging

Nohau Solutions AB
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lauterbach debuggingLauterbach Debugging

Lauterbach TRACE 32 is a development tool designed for complex applications and is available for a number of different processors.

You have the possibility to participate in a Lauterbach Debugging training course giving you a flying start using an ICD (In-Circuit Debugger).


You will learn how to get started in debugging with Lauterbach TRACE 32 and you get an introduction to the Lauterbach products.

Exercises / Tools

We use TRACE 32-ICD with a microcontroller based target for all exercises.



This Lauterbach Debugging training course is designed to suit anyone using a debugger from Lauterbach (BDM/JTAG/EPROM)

This is also the start for users of TRACE 32 ICD-RISC Trace or Power Trace.

Previous knowledge

You have basic programming knowledge in C, and know how a microcontroller works.



TRACE32 Power View

  • GUI Menus
  • Command line
  • On-line help

HLL debugging

  • Register, display / modify
  • Memory, display / modify
  • Variables, display / modify
  • Source code
  • Stack frame
  • Symbol browser
  • Complex variables (structs, linked lists)
  • Program loading
  • Breakpoints

Advanced Breakpoints

  • Software breakpoints
  • On-Chip breakpoints
  • Program breakpoints
  • Spot breakpoints
  • Conditional breakpoints

Macro language

  • What is PRACTICE?
  • How to use macros?
  • What built-in functions are there?
  • GUI customization
  • FLASH programmering

Installation of configuration

  • Config TR32
  • System settings

FLASH programming

Tid & plats

Contact Nohau for specific time and place.


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Nohau Solutions AB

Nohau Solutions AB

Nohau Solutions AB

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