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Android: Kick start

Nohau Solutions AB
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androidAndroid: Kick start!

Android has become the dominating software platform for mobile devices. It's based on the GNU/Linux kernel. Android is originally developed by Android Inc., bought by Google, and later taken up by the Open Handset Alliance.

Goal/Benefits with this course:

Two days training, that introduces the participant to the Android programming environment. Beside an introduction of the Android environment, you will be taught about the fundamentals of the Android platform like:

  • Android development environment
  • Android application lifecycle
  • How to write simple Android GUI applications using built-in components and widgets
  • Basic network communication
  • Localization and Internationalization concepts

The major objective of this class is to get started with Android programming.

Practical Exercises

During the training you’ll develop an App using the most common Android framework software components.


Previous Knowledge

Basic Java programming experience, or corresponding Object-Oriented Programming skills.



1. Introduction to the Android Platform

  • The Evolution of Android
    • Android Versions
  • Devices Running Android
  • The Android platform
  • The Android Business
    • The Android Market
    • Mobile Operators
    • Licensing Android
  • Understanding the Android Software Stack
  • Android Fundamental Component Types
    • Activity
      • View
    • Services
    • Broadcast Receivers
    • Content Providers
  • App Lifecycle
  • Intents
  • File AndroidManifest.xml
  • Creation of an Android Application - first glance

2. Quick Start

  • Installing the Android SDK
    • JDK
    • Eclipse
    • Android SDK
    • Android Development Toolkit (ADT)
  • Introducing the Android SDK
  • Hands on: Hello, Android!

3. The Android APIs: Finding your Way - Getting Help

  • API Categories
  • Finding Tutorials and Demos
  • Android Releases
  • API Levels

4. Android Survey – What You Need to Know to Make a Robust App

  • Create a Project
    • Structure of an Android App
    • Using Eclipse/ADT
    • Using the Command Line
  • Views
    • Android UI Architecture
      • Model-View-Controller
    • Identification
    • Layouts
    • Listeners
  • Persistence – How to save the state of the App
    • Instance State – The most important!
    • Databases
    • Files and Resources
  • Networking
    • Web Views
    • Web Services
  • Internationalization and Localization - Adapting to Different Languages
  • Android Application Lifecycle
  • Debugging an App
    • Log API - LogCat
    • Android Debug Bridge - ADB


14 500 SEK (exkl. moms).


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Nohau Solutions AB

Nohau Solutions AB

Nohau Solutions AB

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