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Entrepreneurship law I - Basic AB04 ABT06 (Entreprenadjuridik) English

Byggsäkerhet Toppnock AB
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1 dag
5 900 SEK exkl. moms
Nästa tillfälle: 2021-05-20 07:30 - Malmö
Distans, Göteborg, Linköping, Malmö, Uppsala, Älvsjö
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5 900 SEK

5 900 SEK

5 900 SEK

5 900 SEK
Entreprenadjuridik - Entrepreneurship law -


In this course you will have an introduction making it possible to proceed and deal with own legal issues and to move on with a way better understanding of how to handle contract templates as AB04 and ABT06.

Framing in Swedish practical law with legal terms, contract law and examples, the most common questions regarding business becomes way easier to solve.

The lecturer have experience of how to succeed in solving cases with opponents as not paying customers, troublesome lawyers, suppliers, union representatives, big companies and authorities.

Goal: After the course, participant will be able to seek and refer to law, form contractual texts, use contract templates, dare to object to unfair business conditions and know what makes a contract valid.

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Everyone who’s involved in decision making, forming contractual texts and clients in the construction business.


Course content

  • Swedish law basics
  • Swedish court system
  • Practical implementation
  • Contract law
  • Authorization in two perspectives
  • Damage claims – compensation and redress
  • Entrepreneurship contractual organizations/relations
  • Contract templates: AB 04 och ABT 06
  • “ÄTA”-work (AAD: Amendments, Additional and Deductions)
  • To win against authorities
  • Swedish legal rights of official information access
  • To deal with own lawyer and insurance company in legal matters
  • Related cases
  • Labour law issues
  • Customer adapted analyzes


5 900 SEK exklusive moms. The price includes course material, sandwich, lunch and afternoon coffee and diploma.

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Fredrik Brandberg


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Very professional and informative, interesting discussions and nice teacher. Hope to attend part 2.
Very good overall summary of legal concepts and outline of AB04

Byggsäkerhet Toppnock AB

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