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Statistical Process Analysis

Sandholm Associates AB, i Stockholm
3 dagar
18 400 SEK exkl. moms
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19 oktober, 2023 se detaljer
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3 dagar
18 400 SEK exkl. moms
Nästa kurstillfälle
19 oktober, 2023 se detaljer
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There are variations in all processes in both manufacturing and service-producing businesses. There may be variations between separate product samples, times, service opportunities, customers, etc.

If the variations are general concerning the stated requirements, errors deficiencies and thus deviations occur. One way to remedy this is to analyze, reduce and control these variations using statistical methods, which also facilitate fact-based decisions.


After completing the training, the participants must be able to apply the methods included in statistical process control (SPS) in practical work.

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19 oktober, 2023

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  • Stockholm
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People who work with evaluation and follow-up of results, process development, quality control, manufacturing, finance, and sales.


  • What is noise and what is abnormal?
  • Random and systematic variations
  • Evaluation of key figures in time sequence: I-mR Chart, Xbar-R Chart, P Chart
  • Estimates and stages
  • When should you control/react and when do you disrupt the process if you act?
  • To use the knowledge of the previous variations of the process
  • The danger of summing data in a time sequence
  • Process outcome and process capability (Cp and Cpk)
  • Implementation of aptitude studies


During the training, theory briefings interspersed with exercises in the form of practical cases, discussions, and group work.

The focus of the training is on the analysis of real practice cases. The Minitab program is used throughout. All practice cases are carefully documented in the course literature.

Equipment and software

Until the start of the course, Minitab must be installed on your computer to carry out statistical analyses.

A free demo version can be downloaded from Minitab. ATTENTION! Download the demo version only the days before the start of the course, as the demo version is only valid for 30 days and cannot be downloaded again. Mintab can be purchased from Swedish Norsys or directly from Minitab.


Compendium Practical statistics part 1 by Jörgen Gustavsson

Tid & plats

Online via Zoom.

Mat & logi

For gatherings on our premises, morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon coffee are included in the course fee.


Evelina Ericsson – senior consultant & trainer

Since 2008, Evelina Ericsson has worked as a senior consultant and trainer
at Sandholm Associates. She is a civil engineer, a teacher at Stockholm University,
and a researcher at KTH. Evelina has previously been the quality manager for the company BAETTR Guldsmedshyttan AB.

She is trained in Master Black Belt in Six Sigma and has extensive training in Lean
and quality work. Evelina is an examiner at SIQ for the "Swedish Quality Award", and has attended several leadership training at the Armed Forces.

Examen, diplom m.m.


After completing training, participants receive a certificate.


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