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Lauterbach: Debugging DSP System

Nohau Solutions AB
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Lauterbach: Debugging DSP System

Embedded designs become increasingly more and more complex especially when they involve DSP systems often based on multi-cores and multiprocessors targets.

One of the hardest parts in embedded development is to understand the behavior of the system. A debugger is the tool of choice for providing visibility into the inner workings of an embedded system.

Debugging DSP is an advanced course which targets already competent DSP programmers who wish to learn more about mastering DSP specific debugging techniques in an effective and timesaving way.


This "Lauterbach Debugging DSP System" training course covers advanced features and techniques of embedded systems development from a debugging point of view.

In addition, by mastering the tools and the development methodologies presented in this course, you will be able to create your design faster, shorten your development time, and lower development costs.


Competent DSP programmers who wish to achieve a higher degree of understanding on common DSP application/kernel failure modes and advanced debugging techniques to handle them.



This training includes a rich portfolio of modules - from memory handeling in realtime – no intrusion to debugging tasks and functions.

Focus is best practices and approaches to debug an embedded system.Areas which will be covered are:

  • Different Debugging techniques
  • Setup the debug environment for DSP debugging
  • Debugging shared memory, functions and tasks
  • Profiling the system
  • Trace the system
  • Multicore – how to handle from the debugger
  • Code coverage
  • Tracing the system
  • Integrating debugger in test environment - API

Course Material

The training material includes comprehensive hands-on lab exercises and will together with the slides and other material be delivered on a USB thumb drive to each participant.

In this training, participants will learn to use Lauterbach debugger in a effective way together with a DSP C64XX based target.

Tid & plats

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Price: 7800 SEK per day.


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