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Introduction to SQL Training

Learning Tree International AB, i Stockholm (+6 orter)
3 dagar
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3 dagar
18 600 SEK exkl. moms
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Beskrivning av: Introduction to SQL Training

In this Introduction to SQL course, you will learn how to optimise the accessibility and maintenance of data with the SQL programming language, including how to:

  • Write the SQL language to develop database applications
  • Build, query, and manipulate databases
  • Work with the PostgreSQL database product or Microsoft SQL Server
  • identify deviations from the standard in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server

Introduction to SQL Programming Training Delivery Methods

  • In-Person

  • Online

Introduction to SQL Programming Training Benefits

  • Write SQL code based on Wrap in ANSI / ISO standards to build database structures

  • Update database content with SQL and transaction handling

  • Retrieve data with filter conditions and from multiple tables using various types of joins

  • Process data with row and aggregate functions

  • Choose from on-demand and instructor-led blended learning options

  • Gain access to an exclusive LinkedIn group for peer and community support

  • Leverage continued support with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching and computing sandbox

Introduction to SQL Instructor-Led Course Outline

Module 1: SQL Overview

  • Outlining SQL as the cornerstone of database activity
  • Applying the ANSI/ISO standards
  • Describing the fundamental building blocks: tables, columns, primary keys, and foreign keys

Module 2: Building the Database Schema

Creating tables and columns

  • Building tables with CREATE TABLE
  • Modifying table structure with ALTER TABLE
  • Adding columns to an existing table
  • Removing tables with DROP TABLE

Protecting data integrity with constraints

  • Guaranteeing uniqueness with primary key constraints
  • Enforcing integrity with foreign key constraints
  • Imposing business rules with check constraints

Improving performance with indexes

  • Expediting data retrieval with indexes
  • Recommending guidelines for index creation

Module 3: Manipulating Data

Modifying table contents

  • Adding table rows with INSERT
  • Changing row content with UPDATE
  • Removing rows with DELETE

Applying transactions

  • Controlling transactions with COMMIT and ROLLBACK
  • Deploying BEGIN TRANSACTION in SQL Server

Module 4: Working with the SELECT Statement

Writing Single Table queries

  • Retrieving data with SELECT
  • Specifying column expressions
  • Sorting the result with ORDER BY
  • Handling NULL values in expressions

Restricting rows with the WHERE filter

  • Testing for equality or inequality
  • Applying wildcard characters
  • Avoiding NULL value pitfalls

Module 5: Querying Multiple Tables

Applying the ANSI/ISO standard join syntax

  • Matching related rows with INNER JOIN
  • Including nonmatched rows with OUTER JOIN
  • Creating a Cartesian product with CROSS JOIN

Combining results with set operators

  • Stacking results with UNION
  • Identifying matching rows with INTERSECT
  • Utilising EXCEPT to find nonmatching rows

Module 6: Employing Functions in Data Retrieval

Processing data with row functions

  • Conditional formatting with the CASE expression
  • Utilising the CASE expression to simulate IF tests
  • Dealing with NULL values

Performing analysis with aggregate functions

  • Summarising data using SUM, AVG and COUNT
  • Finding the highest/lowest values with MAX and MIN
  • Defining the summary level with GROUP BY
  • Applying filter conditions with HAVING

Module 7: Constructing Nested Queries

Applying subqueries in filter conditions

  • Creating correlated vs. noncorrelated subqueries
  • Testing the existence of rows

Including subqueries in expressions

  • Placing subqueries in the column list
  • Creating complex expressions containing subqueries
  • Handling subqueries that return no rows

Module 8: Developing In-Line and Stored Views

Breaking down complex problems

  • Selecting data from a query result set
  • Using subqueries in the FROM clause

Creating views in a database

  • Building reusable code
  • Creating updateable vs. non-updateable views

Unlimited Access SQL Premium Blended Training

Premium Blended Training Benefits

This on-demand course/bundle will give you access to a library of Microsoft on-demand courses including SQL, Windows, Exchange and more.

At any time during your annual access to this offering, you may attend one of our one-day review sessions focused specifically on Writing SQL Queries .


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