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Azure DevOps Engineer Training (AZ-400)

Learning Tree International AB
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Beskrivning av: Azure DevOps Engineer Training (AZ-400)

Prep for Microsoft exam AZ-400 & work towards your Azure DevOps Engineer certification in this official hands-on Microsoft course.

Du kommer lära dig att:

  • Describe the benefits of using source control
  • Migrate from TFVC to Git
  • Scale Git for Enterprise DevOps
  • Implement and manage build infrastructure
  • Manage application config & secrets
  • Implement a mobile DevOps strategy
  • Implement continuous integration using Azure DevOps and explain why it matters
  • Integrate other build tooling with Azure DevOps
  • Create hybrid build processes
  • Integrate automated tests for code quality
  • Report on code coverage during testing
  • Implement a container build strategy 
  • Differentiate between a release and a deployment and explain things to consider when designing your release strategy
  • Classify a release versus a release process, and outline how to control the quality of both
  • Explain why you sometimes need multiple release jobs in one release pipeline
  • Deploy to an environment securely, using a service connection
  • List the different ways to inspect the health of your pipeline and release by using, alerts, service hooks and reports
  • Inspect codebase to identify code dependencies that can be converted to packages
  • Identify and recommend standardised package types and versions across the solution
  • Refactor existing build pipelines to implement version strategy that publishes packages
  • Manage security and compliance
  • Configure build pipeline to access package security and licence rating
  • Apply infrastructure and configuration as code principles
  • Deploy and manage infrastructure using Microsoft automation technologies such as ARM templates, PowerShell, and Azure CLI
  • Deploy and configure a Managed Kubernetes cluster
  • Deploy and configure infrastructure using 3rd party tools and services with Azure, such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, and Terraform
  • Define an infrastructure and configuration strategy and appropriate toolset for a release pipeline and application infrastructure
  • Implement compliance and security in your application infrastructure
  • Design processes to capture and analyse user feedback from external sources
  • Design routing for client application crash report data
  • Configure crash report integration for client applications
  • Implement routing for client application crash report data
  • Integrate and configure ticketing systems with development team's work management system
  • Perform live site reviews and capture feedback for system outages
  • Perform ongoing tuning to reduce meaningless or non-actionable alerts
  • Plan for the transformation with shared goals and timelines.
  • Select a project and identify project metrics and KPIs.
  • Create a team and agile organisational structure.
  • Develop a project quality strategy.
  • Plan for secure development practises and compliance rules.
  • Migrate and consolidate artifacts.
  • Migrate and integrate source control measures.

About this Course

In this seven-part training, we cover how to implement continuous integration in an Azure DevOps pipeline, how to manage code quality and security principles, and how to implement a container build strategy. This course provides the knowledge and skills to implement continuous delivery, implement dependency management, deploy an application infrastructure in DevOps pipelines, and provides the knowledge and skills to implement continuous feedback. You will be provided the knowledge and skills to design a DevOps strategy and implement DevOps processes. Students will learn how to plan for transformation, select a project, and create team structures and learn how to use source control, scale Git for an enterprise, and implement and manage build infrastructure.


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Learning Tree International AB

Learning Tree International AB

Learning Tree International

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