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Grow your business using digital – för små till medelstora företag

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growth for businesses using digital

     In business, those who are good at something are good for a reason. They apply their knowledge and put the work in, to get the results they want. These are the people and companies we like to work with. It is not a surprise that those who are growing, find time to make sure they are looking to the future. Based on a recent study in the UK, companies which use digital are 3 times more likely to report growth, yes 3 times more likely to be growing. And this is not something we made up to get you to look for more information about this event. It is from a recent Lloyds Bank Digital Business Index, the largest measure of digital capability and skills for SMEs and charities.

Digital Businesses Report 3 times more likely to grow 

      Another figure from that same study found that the most digital businesses were 11 times more likely to do business overseas. That might sound impressive at first, but consider this, what would you expect? Of course you are more likely to export more if more people can find you. Now this does not just apply to overseas trade. If you are acting and using digital well, you are more likely to be found, no matter if you are in Stockholm or Dalarna not to mention Europe, the US, Asia or beyond. 

      So with all these studies showing digital is great, why is it so hard? how come so many get it wrong? why is it so hard to get started? 

      The answer to this is, in most cases, quite simple. Just adding digital to a business is not going to make it better. Digital has to be implemented into the context of the business, not the other way around. To put it simply it is important to first understand the business in the context of digital and then implement.  If you find yourself confused by digital or failed in the past, it is not your fault. All too many business owners, directors and advisors are being sold the "next new thing" that will promise to solve all problems, digital or otherwise.  You may decide to try that route as well, since we are all tempted by the easy route. Good luck to you, if that is what you decide to do. 

      Another recent study has found that there are 28% more digital tools in 2018 than there were in 2017 and the rate of new options is still growing and shows no sign of reducing. This means even more choices for you and even more confusion. 

There is another way

     As business owners today we are continuously told how different business is now and why "everything has changed". We are here to tell you, as business owners, that we disagree with this and would go so far as to say, at the fundamental level nothing has changed. All that has happened is we have more opportunities today, provided we know how to take them. 

      The fundamentals of business have not changed. We are still selling to people, even business to business companies sell to people, 75% of the attendees at our events are from B2B companies. While customers today may be more informed and be more demanding, the fundamentals are still the same. 

"Effective digital strategies are not about implementing technologies for the sake of becoming more digital, but they involve identifying the opportunity for greatest business impact." Deloitte University Press


What has changed is how people buy. Today customers are more empowered and as a business we need to adapt to that change. We therefore advocate starting with the business goals and the customer in focus. Once we get that nailed then you can have clarity on how you can best use digital for the benefit of your business. We work with you during this 1-day event on your business, to help you design and review your business and take the next step, by leveraging digital. 

Business Design Choices

      All businesses have choices to make on where to use digital and what digital tools to use and why. If you don't make them, the chances are they are being made for you or worse, you are losing customers. Most businesses are. 

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Free Tip

      Here is a piece of advise for free, up to you on how you want to use it. People do not want to be sold to. If you have not changed how you sell, then you will be losing sales. Fact. While you may still be growing, you will be losing sales and will be working harder than you need.

     There is a very strong and growing trend that people like to do their own research and even more, they find gathering their own information online to be better than interacting with a sales rep. Consider that for a moment. Your customers prefer to find their own information about your offering (product or service) than talking to you, the people that should know the most about it. 

      This is not something we have made up. It is from a recent Forrester study and it is also an ongoing trend for a number of years, continuously increasing. It is as relevant for consumer facing businesses as it is for business to business companies. 

Buyer preferences


      This program is aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners, directors and advisors. While digital can be scary sometimes, this program brings digital back to the basics of your business. We set the context for what you need to be ready for digital and what it can mean for your business. The event is mainly based on practical experiences, mixed with a research-based foundation, a highly practical workshop in nature. 

Knowing where to start

    Knowing where to start with digital is often the difference between those that use digital to grow their business and those that do not. In our seminars, 64% state the key reason to attend is to "learn more about digital". A further 22% to have their digital strategy developed or reviewed, followed by 13% to benchmark their use of digital. The reality is none of this matters. What are we all seeking? All businesses are looking for more customers to serve on a profitable basis. Having a business system in place that makes it happen is the goal. 

   66% of the people who attended our previous events have a digital strategy. And yet they find time in their busy schedules to attend an event to develop their knowledge and their business growth. It is a self fulfilling prophecy, those that know, discover and achieve more. The profile for our training varies. Some know a lot about digital and others, well, very little. And it does not matter. Below you can see the profile of attendees at our previous seminars in terms of their knowledge of digital.

Business use of digital of attendees

      At this event you will meet people from different sectors and with different issues but who all want to understand the benefits from using digital in their business. The events are mainly in English but parts are in Swedish, especially questions and when you are in groups working on your business. Yes, we will be working on your business during the day. There is a unique international touch to the day, which will also lift the digital agenda in your business. 

     There are a few essential pre-requisites required to get the best out of the event. An open mind. As the saying goes: before making up your mind, open it. A willingness to get involved during the event as it will be quite interactive as you will discover. 

Here is what past seminar delegates had to say (see our reviews as well):

- High value in form of great content presented

- The introduction to the sales process was exactly what I needed (but didn't know I did)

- To get insight into the structure and content of the digital scorecard.

- Great discussions, overview and interaction in group.

- The practicality of it, the tactics and strategies can be used.

- I think it was interesting since it felt like the digital scorecard presented a more holistic view of today's marketing/sales process

- Get inspired, meet & listen to others, participate in discussion, reflections, hear what is going on within topic

- To get a suggestion of a structure we could deploy when developing a strategy for digitisation and to have that structure being based in the customer psychology

- Received tools clear information about how to go about the discussed topic.

- Got good overall understanding of what digitalisation is and what is important. Made me start thinking alot :)



Tillväxt genom en digital strategi – för små till medelstora företag

   Att vissa företag är bättre än andra på att anpassa sig till förändring är ingen nyhet. Idag är det tydligare än någonsin då digitala tjänster och verktyg har ändrat förutsättningarna för företag. De företag som ligger steget före digitalt, är utan tvekan de företag som växer och kommer att lyckas bäst på lång sikt. Varför inte bli en av dem?

   Vårt synsätt bygger på att en Digital Strategi kompletterar företagets verksamhetsstrategi. En digital strategi är med andra ord inget projekt som lever ett eget liv vid sidan om den dagliga verksamheten. Vår målsättning är därmed att skapa förståelse för hur allting hänger ihop.

   Vi utgår från hur era kunder letar efter information, väljer mellan olika alternativ och till sist beslutar sig för att köpa er produkt eller tjänst, dvs. den resa varje kund gör från start till mål. Idag är denna kundresa alltmer digital för oss alla. Därför är det av yttersta vikt att förstå hur digitala aktiviteter kan både stödja och utveckla en verksamhet. Dessutom finns det idag hundratals digitala verktyg att använda sig av och det är därför lätt att bli förblindad av tekniken och tappa bort syftet med vad företaget vill uppnå med de digitala produkterna och tjänsterna som köps in. En tydlig Digital Strategi, som utgår från verksamhetsstrategin, bidrar till en bättre förståelse för hur allting hänger ihop.

   Vår utbildning är mer än en vanlig teoretisk utbildning. Vi tar er igenom både den teoretiska aspekten av en digital strategi, och framförallt fokuserar vi på det praktiska. Vi varvar teori och praktik, arbetar i grupper om 6-8 personer och skapar en möjlighet för dig att lära dig av andra. Inför seminariet får du göra en nulägesanalys av din digitala strategi med hjälp av vårt verktyg ”Digital Scorecard”, ett online baserat frågeformulär som ger dig en övergripande rapport över dina styrkor och svagheter.

Du skapar också ett gemensamt språk och ramverk (karta) för att implementera en digital strategi i din verksamhet. Vi vill betona att kursen är upplagd som en workshop snarare än ett seminarium. Du kommer att lämna kursen med en känsla av kontroll och förståelse för den digitala utveckligen, en större förståelse för hur en digital strategi kan utveckla din verksamhet och framförallt en handlingsplan för att realisera denna strategi.

Har du några frågor eller funderingar kring utbildningen, tveka inte att skriva till oss så berättar vi mer. Vi är alltid glada för att delge ytterligare information om utbildningen så att vi säkerställer att detta event är för dig. Våra utbildningar hålls på engelska, blandat med svenska. 


    The event will be workshop focused

    While there will be plenty of material for you to learn from as we take you through the day, our focus during the event is on working together, not classroom teaching. That way we focus on real issues and also create a good working environment. 

   We will take you through 4 key stages:

  1. Your target customer and why they buy from you. We have some preparation work for you to do before the event to help kick-start the day.  
  2. Benchmarking your use of digital using our Digital Scorecard analysis. Not only will you benchmark the use of digital in your business but we then make sense of it to see where improvements are of greatest value. 

  3. Map how customers buy from you (your Customer Journey). Understanding why your customers buy from you (and why they don’t) can transform any business. You will be challenged during this session and especially how you can do more to help your customers. Some businesses focus on the wrong things here but we will help to set this straight for you during the event. You also get to see how other (non-competing) businesses work, which can be the main reason for many to attend.  

  4. Your Digital Strategy action plan: Not only will you have a plan but you will have context for it. This is more valuable than anything else since you can then see how other tools or plans can fit into your business. Why not make sure you’re one of the companies leading the way (not getting left behind). This also enables you to build your business system. 

     While we cannot do everything for you, this event gives you a really good start. You have probably heard it all before, join this great event, not to be missed! Well in this case it is true. Listen to the people in the video at the top of this page that attended one of our events like this one. That is the real proof of the value delivered. You can also see the reviews, there are over 20 from people who have experienced us and our events. 

When you complete the event you will:

  • discover how your customers buy from you and how you can influence it even more.
  • receive a personalised benchmark of your use of digital (Digital Scorecard), valued at €495 (approx 5,000 SEK).
  • complete and bring home a map of how customers buy from you (your specific customer journey).
  • leave with a digital roadmap, a canvas chart that you can take back to the office and reuse again to engage your staff.
  • have a great starting point to setup your business design for profitable growth
  • discover how digital fits into your business and why, with a focus on getting more customers.
  • have a common language that you can take back to your business - this we have found to be one of the most valuable deliverables for participant.
  • get a process and a simple system for how you continue to work with and evolve your Digital Strategy.
  • have a clear implementation plan for your company to focus within sales and marketing.
  • have met with and discussed with other people in a similar situation to your own 
  • have personal support after the event, to make sure that your implementation is on track.

Tid & plats

     We are running these events in Southern Sweden - in Malmo. 


      We naturally offer you an early bird option. Get 25% off. This is open to the first 5 confirmed attendees on any one event provided they have confirmed at least 1 months before the event they have signed up to attend. 

     All attendees can bring a colleague at a discounted price, 25% off. We recommend bringing a colleague. But if you have more than 2, let us know in advance as you may be suited to a company specific event or one of our events with fewer participants.  

     We also have an offer for those that would like to know more. If you request more information by clicking "Boka utbildningen" or "Beställ information" you will qualify to get a free copy of the book, How to Design a Profitable Business in a Digital World. No strings attached, even if you or us decide this event is not for you, you will still get a copy of the book, published January 2019.  


Digital Scorecard         The event is a joint collaboration between Kunskapspartner AB with Digital Scorecard from Dublin. Our course-leaders have many years of experience within the fields of Digital Sales and Marketing and Business Strategy, derived from practical implementation and backed by research-based studies.

      Dr Edward Nugent designed Digital Scorecard in response to the need for businesses to evaluate their use of digital. He has more than 20 years experience in the digital business world, and has a deep understanding of business system design.

Edward Nugent

      Edward has founded several successful businesses across Europe and focuses on business growth through Sales and Marketing. He is the author of several books and designed the Digital Scorecard to help businesses find out how well they’re using digital in sales and marketing. Edward currently lives in Ireland, but works largely in Scandinavia and Europe.

      Givi Kokaia is a Management Consultant from Sweden, and has several years of experience working within strategic management, business development, and international marketing and sales. At Kunskapspartner, Givi works with several leading companies in Scandinavia within a variety of industries. 

Givi Kokaia - Digital Scorecard Consultant

      He is also a guest lecturer at Lund University, focusing on business development among engineering students. Givi also has first-hand experience introducing a digital dimension to the Kunskapspartner consulting firm in Lund.


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Getting the holistic view of how digital can work in our business was the most important part for me.
The topics are very interesting. Also appreciate that many years of experience lies behind the ideas.
Great interaction and discussions how other think in their companies



Kunskapspartner AB är ett forsknings- och konsultföretag i Lund, Skåne med över 20 års erfarenhet av att leda företag och individer igenom förnyelsearbete och verksamhetsutveckling. Vi kombinerar akademisk kompetens med lång, praktisk erfarenhet från näringslivet. Det gör att vi ligger...

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