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Welcome to the largest automotive conference in Northern Europe! Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services has an excellent and varied line up with over 100 of the most accomplished and innovative experts who will share their views and experiences, and present insights that will help define the direction for future key decisions.

Learn more on technical innovations and innovative software solutions that will have a major impact on the automotive industry in the near future. In this one occasion you will get both strategic presentations that help you keep an eye on future challenges and a high quality technical program. On the second day you can specialize in one of seven core areas by choosing the most relevant track.

Join us, catch up on the new products and services at the exhibition and of course network and share ideas with over 1200 attendees.

10 reasons to attend VECS:

  1. Network with +1200 senior executives from leading OEMs, Tier 1 companies, suppliers, academia, transportation companies, and cities/municipalities
  2. Learn how big players such as Volkswagen, Uber and Volvo are developing scalable and resilient solutions for Autonomous Vehicles
  3. Get a glimpse of how and why OEMs change the value proposition from traditional vehicle sales to integrated mobility services
  4. Learn what strategies automakers have for the connectivity ecosystem, and how to create a viable business model
  5. Learn how OEMs have defined their approach to software and E/E architecture
  6. Discuss the challenges and experiences of testing and validation for autonomous vehicles
  7. Learn how automotive can cope with new demands on connectivity and active safety
  8. Take part in new EV concepts for vehicles of tomorrow
  9. Learn how cybersecurity standardization and regulations affect the automotive industry
  10. Listen to Volvo Cars, BMW and Flixbus sharing experiences of agile transformation

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DAY 1 - 5TH OF MAY 2020


08:30 Morning coffee and registration

09:00 Moderator’s Introduction and Live Interactive Audience Participation

Kent-Eric Lång, Senior Advisor, RISE

Maria Schnurr, Senior Researcher, RISE


09:10 Autonomous Driving: from Concept to Product

  • Use Cases and Operational Design Domain
  • Setting up a resilient system
  • The Challenge of Verification & Validation

Dr. Helge Neuner, Head of Automated Driving at Group Research, Volkswagen AG, Germany


09:50 Developing Scalable Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles

  • Scoping the business opportunity to justify the upfront investment in self-driving technology
  • How to engage with partners to solve the engineering and manufacturing challenges
  • Deployment methods for the technology as it matures and new software capabilities are added that expand the operational domain
  • Integrating autonomous vehicles into wider transportation networks

Stephen Lesh, Head of Hardware & Vehicle Programs, Uber Advanced Technologies Group, U.S.A.

10:30 Networking break and exhibition visit


11:10 Alliance Ventures: Investing in the Future of Mobility and the EV ecosystem

  • How to boost Renault Nissan Mitsubishi open innovation by investing in start-ups to onboard new technologies and businesses
  • Alliance Ventures portfolio strategy and preferred areas of investment: a focus on vehicles electrification

Anna Teyssot, Integration and Ventures Development Director, Alliance Ventures, a joint venture operating for Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, France


11:50 Collaboration – a Way to Keep up With Rapid Speed of Change?

  • Which issues can be solved by collaboration?
  • Should start-ups be brought into the business or be partners?   How can mature OEMs take advantage of bringing in start-ups to their business?
  • How to collaborate with suppliers?
  • Which business models are viable for new transportation technologies?
  • What regulations need to be addressed?

Moderator: Katarina Brud, Director, MobiliityXlab


Karolina Bjurehed, Strategic Digital Partnerships, Volvo Cars

Hugo Fozzati, Head of Business, AutoX, U.S.A

Stephen Lesh, Head of Hardware & Vehicle Programs, Uber Advanced Technologies Group, U.S.A.

Jon Lindén, CEO, Ekkono

Anna Teyssot, Director of Integration and Ventures Development, Alliance Ventures – Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, France

12:30 Networking lunch break and exhibition visit


Track moderator: Kent-Eric Lång, Senior Advisor, RISE 


13:40 The Automotive Maze

  • What we believed in the past, fact check
  • What we think to know today, fact check
  • Uncomfortable truth, fighting the old devil with a new one? Which technology will be the solution, is there one?
  • How to lead the pack, which pack will it be? Which business setup will succeed, which product service combination will flourish?
  • What will last and what will change, a disruptive scenario

Marc Llistosella, Board of directors, Einride, Former President and CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation and Head of Daimler Trucks Asia, Gibraltar

14:20 Designing a First & Last Mile Mobility Solution from Scratch​

  • Why focus on first & last mile mobility?​
  • What are the common pitfalls of designing first & last mile​ autonomous vehicle from scratch?​
  • What are the advantages of finding the right partner and​ how can an aligned roadmap help in project success?​

Armin Müller, CEO, EMM! Solutions GmbH, Germany

Gaurav Tomar, Automotive Industry Manager EMEA, MathWorks, Germany

14:50 Networking break and exhibition visit


15:25 System Level Mobility Transformation and the Case for Fast and Pragmatic AD Deployment

  • How AD technology can enable not only improved traffic safety, but also universal and sustainable access of transportation for people and goods
  • How product development, partnership and deployment strategies of AutoX and NEVS respectively are tailored to address the need of an improved mobility system

Hugo Fozzati, Head of Business, AutoX, U.S.A.

Hans-Martin Duringhof, Technology Strategist, NEVS

16:05 The Real Challenges of AV Simulation

  • What role do the Physics-based sensors play in the validation of AD systems?
  • How to efficiently validate infinite permutations of scenarios
  • How does the virtual world collaborate with real testing to develop a secured AD system?

David Mear, Business Development Manager, MSC Software

16:25 Using Data to Enable the Transformation towards Zero Muda in the Material Handling Domain

  • New productivity services, going from nice-to-have towards key differentiator
  • Business models going from reactive to proactive approaches
  • Transformation from selling vehicles to selling material handling flow commitments
  • Fixed installations towards flexible installations

B-O Hertz, Head of Software R&D, Toyota Material Handling Logistics Solutions

17:05 Moderators closing summary

17:15 Networking Drinks Presented by DIADROM


Track moderator: Maria Schnurr, Senior Researcher, RISE


13:40 Connected Car: from Technology to Experience

  • While connectivity and services platforms are driving services innovation, how do we ensure it also drives a good customer experience?
  • How do we ensure a seamless digital lifestyle (onboard/offboard) experience thanks to car connectivity?
  • What are the enablers for viable business models behind connected experience

Benoit Joly, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer – Services, Renault, France

14:20 Electric Vehicle Development Showcase

A showcase from CES® 2020 in Las Vegas – the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. The experience is driving the technology, from system architecture via design and virtual testing to customer experience.

Frederic Merceron, Solution Director for the Transportation & Mobility Industry, Dassault Systèmes, France

14:40It’s a new offering” – Volvo Autonomous Solutions

  • Volvo’s approach to the autonomous area
  • A new offering and business model
  • A glimpse into ongoing implementations

Sasko Cuklev, Director Autonomous Solutions, Volvo Trucks

15:20 Networking break and exhibition visit

15:55 Digital Disruption in Automotive

  • Change is coming: Shifts towards urbanization of our population and digitalization of our data and interactions will transform the way we interact with each other. Our priorities are changing too, moving towards greater sustainability and inclusivity
  • The automotive industry has a big part to play in this exciting new world, and it is armed with new capabilities, mostly from the electronics industry. But these new capabilities, while exciting, are disruptive to the automotive industry
  • How electronics and computing power can shape and disrupt the future of the automotive industry and of the wider world

Bernhard Rill, Senior Segment Marketing Manager Automotive, Arm, Germany


16:15 Why and How is Audi Moving Towards an Electric and Autonomous Future

  • Why and how is Audi moving into electrification?
  • Are we really ready to share our cars?
  • Will autonomy take away the joy of driving?
  • Sustainability in production of cars and generation of energy

Kjell-Arne Wold, Project Manager e-tron, AUDI, Germany


16:55 The Future of Voice in the Car

  • Voice challenges today and in the future, as drivers cite in-vehicle voice recognition among their top complaints
  • Amazon Alexa – building new auto-specific features that make customers’ daily lives easier and more convenient
  • Results of a recent study on consumers’ experiences, expectations, and desires for voice in the car

Arianne Walker, Chief Evangelist for Alexa Auto, Amazon, U.S.A

17:30 Moderators closing summary

17:40 Networking Drinks Presented by DIADROM



Tid & plats

5–6 May 2020, at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg



Conference Delegate: 6.990 SEK
Additional Delegate: 4.990 SEK

OEM’s get a 3 for 2 discount off the full price!


Helge Neuner

Head of Automated Driving, Group Research

Volkswagen AG, Germany

Stephen Lesh

Head of Hardware Engineering and Vehicle Programs

Uber ATG, United States

Anna Teyssot

Integration and Ventures Development Director

Alliance Ventures

Benoit Joly

Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer – Services

Renault, France

Arianne Walker

Chief Evangelist for Alexa Auto

Amazon, United States

Sasko Cuklev

Director Autonomous Solutions

Volvo Trucks

Kjell-Arne Wold

Project Manager e-tron


Marc Llistosella

Board Member

Einride, Gibraltar

Hugo Fozzati

Head of Business

AutoX, United States

Connor Champ


Law Commission of England and Wales, United Kingdom

Dr. John Thomas


MIT, United States

Tim Woods

General Manager

Autonomous Vehicle Alliance

Richard Schram

Technical Director and the technical lead for Active Safety and Automated Driving

Euro NCAP, Belgium

Hans-Martin Duringhof

Technology Strategist



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