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Power BI Intermediate

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2 dagar
21 450 SEK exkl. moms
Nästa tillfälle: 2021-12-20 - Distans
Distans, Göteborg, Stockholm
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21 450 SEK

21 450 SEK


This Power BI (level 2) workshop is an intensive two-day course that is designed for pro-Information workers who want to learn utilize the most of the tools available in the Power BI stack, including the Power BI Cloud Portal. We’ll learn the importance of building good models, we’ll learns to use DAX as well as Power Query to shape additional information that can be found in external data sources.You’ll also use new Power BI cloud platform as a way of Deploying/sharing your reports and dashboards, and utilize extra features such as building interactive dashboards, use Q&A and manage Data refresh and alerts for your queries and sources. At the end of this course we’ll introduce you to some hot topics such as Dataflows, Composite Models, Aggregation Tables, Common Data Service for apps.

• Introducing the Power BI Platform• Getting Started with Power BI Desktop• Designing Reports and navigation in Power BI Desktop• Mastering Query Features• Advanced Data Modeling Topics• Designing and Deploying Dashboards• Integrating Power BI with Excel 2016 and Excel Online• Understanding Data Refresh, Gateways and DirectQuery Mode• Publishing Content using App Workspaces
Outline-Power BI Intermediate
Day 1Introducing the Power BI Platform
• Understanding the Power BI Platform• Creating a Trial Office 365 Tenant for Testing• Creating Datasets, Reports and Dashboards• Report & Dashboard settings in Power• Staying in Sync with Monthly UpdatesGetting Started with Power BI Desktop
• Introducing the Power BI Desktop Settings• Creating Queries in Power BI Desktop• Modeling Data in Power BI Desktop• Designing Reports and navigation in Power BI Desktop• Publishing Power BI Desktop Projects
Mastering Query Features
• Working with the Query Editor Window• Managing Queries, Datasources and Credentials• Deciding What To Measure• Merge Operations• Designing Queries to Generate a Star Schema
Advanced Data Modeling Topics
• Designing a Data model• Understanding Relationships• Understanding Bi Directional Filtering• Creating Calculated Columns• Creating Measures• Configuring Geographic Fields to a Data Model• Creating Dimensional Hierarchies• Data Modeling Best Practises
Day 2Designing and Deploying Dashboards
• Designing Dashboards for Power BI• Executing Queries with Natural Language Q&A.• Sharing and collaboration with Dashboards and Office 365 Users• Manage Permissions and security• Configuring Subscriptions & Alerts• Configure for Mobile Devices• Configuring Dashboard & Tile Settings• Best Practises when creating Dashboards
Integrating Power BI with Excel 2016 and Excel Online
• Understanding Excel Integration with Power BI• Connecting to Files• Importing and Connecting to Excel Workbooks• Using the Power BI Publishing for Excel Add-in• Connecting from Excel to a Power BI Dataset• Creating an Excel survey using Forms and Power BI
Publishing Content using App Workspaces
• Understanding Workspaces• Content Distribution in Power BI• App Workspaces• Publishing Apps• Introducing Power BI Premium



Informator är utbildningsföretaget som stärker din konkurrenskraft genom att underhålla, uppdatera och tillföra relevant kunskap inom IT och management där och när du behöver det. Vi har vuxit tillsammans med svensk mjukvaruindustris ledande företag och utbildat utvecklare, tekniker, projektledare och chefer sedan...

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