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ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy (DITS) eLearning

Kort om utbildningen
18 timmar


Earn your certification in ITIL 4: Digital & IT Strategy (DITS) with award-winning ITIL training from Good e-Learning! This course has been created in collaboration with David Cannon, lead editor for ITIL 4: DITS.
As crucial as IT is for success in the modern world of business, it’s rare to see an IT training course that emphasizes top-down management. This is what ITIL DITS is all about: how to handle the high-level strategic and business-centric aspects of managing real-world IT. ITIL DITS training can be extremely helpful in aligning business and IT, as well as helping IT managers pursue higher-level roles. Kickstart your ITIL 4: DITS training today!

Welcome to ITIL 4 Strategic Leader: Digital & IT Strategy

Learning Objectives
This introductory module goes over the main features of the course, including the learning plan, aims, objectives, and structure.
Students receive a syllabus, diagram pack, glossary, further reading and links document, and links to download copies of the ITIL framework’s key publications. Finally, the module covers several of the most frequently asked questions regarding ITIL 4.

Module 1: Essential Components / The Journey Starts Here

Learning Objectives
Module one looks at a few course essentials, such as how the course will be assessed, the process for uploading assignments, and what documents need to be completed as the course goes on. The course also examines the broader context of where ITIL 4 fits in with modern digital and IT management.

Module 2: What is Digital & IT Strategy?

Learning Objectives
Module two looks at how to leverage a digital strategy to react to digital disruption. It explains some of the key concepts of digital and IT strategy, as well as the relationship between them and the ITIL Service Value System (SVS).

Module 3: Where are we now?

Learning Objectives
Module three explores the relationship between the concepts of digital IT strategy, the SVS, and the ITIL Service Value Chain (SVC), as well as how ITIL practitioners can leverage each of them to create value. It also looks at internal and external analysis techniques.

Module 4: Where do we Want to be?

Learning Objectives
Module four examines how organizations use digital and IT strategy to maintain their viability even in changing environments. It also examines three types of digital disruption, as well as VUCA factors (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity), market position tools, and how to address each of these within a digital and IT strategy.

Module 5: Are we Ready?

Learning Objectives
Module five looks at how to define, communicate, and advocate for a digital and IT vision and strategy using business cases. It also provides a readiness assessment and examines how it can be used to analyze the gap between where an organization currently is and where it wants to be.

Module 6: How do we get There?

Learning Objectives
Module six explores how digital and information technology can be used to realize strategic approaches in order to empower organizations to achieve operational excellence.

Module 7: Essential Strategic Factors: Innovation

Learning Objectives
Module seven explores the key elements of ‘innovation’, as well as how to establish and maintain a culture of innovation within your workplace.

Module 8: Essential Strategic Factors: Risk

Learning Objectives
Module eight addresses risk management within the context of digital organizations. It looks at some of the most common risks that ITIL practitioners face, as well as how to prepare for risks and even take advantage of them.

Module 9: Taking Action

Learning Objectives
Module nine looks at how to define operating models for digital organizations. These models demonstrate how organizations deliver value to customers, as well as how they operate day to day. This perspective can be key for taking steps to improve operations in order to deliver optimized value.

Module 10: Did we get There?

Learning Objectives
Module ten examines assessment measures, metrics, and reporting processes used to judge the success of digital and IT strategic initiatives. Assessing the success of an initiative can offer valuable insight for future projects, as well as highlight more immediate concerns.

Module 11: Digital Leadership

Learning Objectives
Module 11 looks at the major skills that leaders in digital organizations typically need to have. It also breaks down several standard approaches to strategic coordination and implementation before moving on to the activities that typically take place during a digital transformation program.

Module 12: ITIL 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy Wrap-up

Learning Objectives
Module 12 wraps up the content covered in the ITIL 4 Digital & IT Strategy (DITS) syllabus. Students are advised to go over previous modules in order to prepare for the certification exam.

Module 13: Practice Exams

Learning Objectives
This final module provides practice exams that simulate the conditions of the official ITIL 4 DITS certification exam. Students are advised to make use of test questions in order to prepare for the official exam.
When you feel you are ready to sit the ITIL DITS exam, simply contact Good e-Learning to request your FREE exam voucher.



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