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Introduction to DevOps with Docker, AWS and Kubernetes

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1 dag
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Göteborg, Stockholm


This 1-day class seeks to give a detailed look at Docker, AWS and Kubernetes, and how DevOps processes can be achieved using these technologies. It introduces the technologies mentioned and their architecture, and walks through some of the core concepts used within these technologies. Attendees will learn how to use Docker for developing, and running applications, and use Kubernetes to automate deployment and scaling of containerized applications on AWS.
Docker and Kubernetes are both becoming the de-facto standards for container runtime and orchestration engine, respectively. These technologies are therefore taking centre stage in the DevOps world. This training aims to provide attendees with the conceptual knowledge and a quick look at these technologies in action, to serve as a concrete first step for exploring and learning these technologies on their own.


Topics covered in this package include:
Introduction (30 min)
● Evolution of Software Development methodologies● Continuous Integration● DevOps and Cloud Computing
Docker Fundamentals (1.5 hr)
● Introduction to Docker● Containers vs. Virtual Machines● Docker Architecture● The Dockerfile● Running Containers   ○ ZPulling an Image   ○ Managing Ports with Container Deployments● Exercise   ○ Docker Installation and Image Setup   ○ Creating Custom Image from a Dockerfile   ○ Exposing Container Ports to the HostAWS (1 hr)
● Computing: EC2, ELB, Auto-scaling● Storage: S3, EFS● Networking and Delivery: VPC, Security Groups, Route 53Kubernetes (3 hrs)● Introduction to Kubernetes   ○ What is Kubernetes and Why do we need it?● Kubernetes Architecture   ○ Masters and Nodes   ○ ReplicaSets and Pods   ○ Deployments, Statefulsets and Daemonsets   ○ Services and Ingresses   ○ Tags, Labels and Selectors   ○ Namespaces   ○ Volumes● Running Your Application   ○ Configuration Files and Specs   ○ ConfigMaps and Secrets   ○ Updating an Application   ○ Application Scaling   ○ Storage   ○ Stateless vs Stateful apps● Exercise  ○ Creating a Service  ○ Creating a Deployment  ○ Updating a deployment image● Kubernetes setup  ○ Setting Up a Single Node Kubernetes Cluster Using Minikube  ○ Running Kubernetes on multiple nodes on AWSExtending Kubernetes the Stakater way (1 hr)● Introduction● Microservices development workflow● Continuous Integration and Delivery automation● Stakater tooling for Kubernetes● Exercise  ○ Creating an application with a Jenkins CI pipeline  ○ Updating application CI pipeline with a custom CI pipeline
Demo and Q&A (1 hr)
● Sample Microservices web application deployment on AWS with Stakater andKubernetes
** Topics covered may change based upon the needs of the class and changes intechnology.



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