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Implementation: TOGAF® eLearning

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24 timmar
Göteborg, Malmö, Stockholm


This course is all about getting started with an enterprise architecture practice. In particular, it looks at what should be considered when attempting to establish or improve an enterprise architecture practice.

It provides the background to TOGAF-style architectures, as well as exposure to many subjects that are often glossed over by other enterprise architecture frameworks. In this, we establish the value that TOGAF brings to the discipline. One of the major challenges with enterprise architecture frameworks is 'how to implement' them or, even more importantly, 'how to start'. Some prior knowledge of architecture is expected though not required.

Knowledge of EA, TOGAF certification, or currently studying to certify


This is a practically-oriented course, and does not come with any certification. But rather than simple quizzes on content, each module concludes with a written exercise that encourages you to apply what you have learned. An experienced EA Practitioner will review what you have written

• You should take this course if you have knowledge of EA, are TOGAF certified, or are studying for certification
• You are commencing or want to improve your EA PracticeYou need to ‘sell’ TOGAF internally within your organization
• You wish clear guidance from senior EA Practitioners on how to get started with implementation
• You want exposure to the key implementation challenges you and your team will face
• You are a newly-appointed EA Manager, a Chief Architect, an experienced EA practitioner, Lead Architect, Project/Programme Manager
• You want to study in your own time and at your own pace on the device of your choice

Why you should take this course:

Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that consists of many areas, approaches, guidelines and techniques. There are a number of well known EA ‘frameworks’, including TOGAF® (Open Group), NAF (NATO), FEAF (US Federal CIO Council) and so on.

This course provides guidance on ‘how to start’; that is, how to go about getting your enterprise architecture practice established (or improved). It will provide you with enough insight and detail to integrate what you learn directly into your practice incrementally (a necessity, as many of the areas within enterprise architecture are allied but distinct).

This course is perfect for you if...

  • You have knowledge of EA, are TOGAF-certified, or are studying to gain your certification

  • You are commencing or want to improve an EA practice

  • You are a newly-appointed EA manager, a chief architect, an experienced EA practitioner, a lead architect, or a project/ programme manager

  • You want guidance and insight from senior EA practitioners on how to get started with implementation

  • You want exposure to the key implementation challenges which you and your team will face

  • You want to study in your own time, at your own pace and on devices of your choosing

Key features of this course:

  • Learn how to set up an effective EA Practice

  • A basic understanding and overview of TOGAF

  • 24 hours of course material

  • Exercises and submission for tutor review

  • Instant 12 months access

  • 24/7 tutor support


This ‘Getting Started’ course offers new ways to look at how you might get your TOGAF  implementation off the ground, and helps you make informed choices about how to begin. It shows you how to tailor in your organization’s existing culture, strategy and skills rather than implement blindly from a template. Focusing on the Preliminary Phase, the course also looks at how to integrate TOGAF into the organization by setting up the correct structures, helping you begin implementation
properly, and support the activities of the EA team successfully. 

The course continues to look at EA demand and the motivation behind change, how we address these changes, the composition of these changes, and finally the delivery of change. It will also consider other frameworks, such as ITIL, and IT4IT. The course contains an overview, followed by ten modules. A written exercise concludes each module.

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