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Geekweek - Windows PowerShell

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Nästa tillfälle: 2019-09-23 - Stockholm
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Automatisera ditt dagliga arbete - lär dig bemästra Windows PowerShell V5.1!

Missa inte denna exklusiva femdagars GeekWeek som djupdyker i PowerShell 5.1 tillsammans med experterna Johan Åkerström och Niklas Goude, PowerShell MVP.

Under intensiva dagar lär du dig som IT-tekniker, arkitekt eller IT-ansvarig hands-on hur PowerShell V 5.0 fungerar och att använda PowerShell för att automatisera ditt dagliga arbete. Lär dig syntaxen, förbättringar från tidigare versioner och hur PowerShell V 5.1 integreras med Windows Client och Windows Server.

Ett unikt tillfälle som tar upp både nya och gamla funktioner i Windows PowerShell 5.1 som OneGet, PowerShell Remoting, Workflow, Desired State Configuration (DSC) och OneGet som du kan använda för att automatisera dina Windows-miljöer.

Jobbar du på Microsofts plattformar och vill vara i framkant med den senaste tekniker kan du inte missa denna PowerShell GeekWeek! För detaljer, se Detaljer - Detaljerad beskrivning nedan.

Grundkunskaper i Windows Server, Active Directory (AD) och DNS samt Windows klienten. Rekommenderat är även att du har erfarenhet av scripting.


IT-tekniker, administratörer, arkitekter och IT-ansvariga som vill lära sig PowerShell från ax till limpa.

Bemästra Windows PowerShell V 4.0/5.0.   Pris inkl konferenspaket: Endast 39 995 kr

Detaljerad beskrivning
What is PowerShell Geek Week?

PowerShell Geek Week is a full on week of covering the basics and deep diving in to PowerShell and what it can do for you. It’s run by two PowerShell experts, Johan Åkerström and Niklas Goude, PowerShell MVP.
Niklas has been working with PowerShell since the first release and Johan started with Powershell in 2008 but his first project included embedding PowerShell into other products which gave him a deep insight the product.

During Geek Week we look at the new features in Windows PowerShell, including PowerShell V5.0, and explore techniques you can use to automate your Windows environments.
All the labs are based on Server 2012 R2 and during this event, you'll learn hands-on how PowerShell 5.0 works and how you can best use PowerShell V 4.0 to automate your daily work.
You will learn the syntax, the improvements from previous versions and how PowerShell v5.0 integrates with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Are you working on Microsoft platforms and want to be on the cutting edge with the latest technology from Microsoft, this PowerShell lab is one you cannot miss!

What do we do in Geek Week?
GeekWeek is a demanding event where you learn PowerShell from the masters. While we are very flexible and always welcome more topics to discuss, our starting point is the following agenda:

• Geek week starts with the basics on Day 1.
We start with what PowerShell is and the thought behind it. We cover Syntax, Variables, Conditions, Code Flow, and Loops etc… With these subjects we cover the foundation of PowerShell programming and use of commands. We look at the Console and the productivity features of the Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE).

• Geek Week Day 2 is Hyper-V, Active Directory, Server & Client Management, Functions and Modules. We build the virtual machine environment we will be using for the rest of the course. We build it using the Hyper-V module, Active Directory & Active Directory Deployment modules. We look at basic network & DNS configuration in Windows Server 2012 R2. Then we move into looking at typical client management tasks after which we start looking at how to build functions and package them into modules.

• Geek Week Day 3: Error Handling, CIM, PS Remoting, PS Remoting Advanced. On the third day the PowerShell Gods said. Let there be errors… So you will have to learn how to deal with the unexpected, how to recover and handle errors which will surely happen. Furthermore we venture into CIM (WMI) and then look at PowerShell Remoting. With PowerShell Remoting we step a bit deeper and look at how we can build administrative endpoints to handle things like delegation and PowerShell modules which has special requirements such as .NET version or PowerShell version.

• Geek Week Day 4 is Desired State Configuration (DCS) day all day long. We start with the basics of the DSC architecture, the new PowerShell Based Domain Specific Language of DSC. We cover DSC in PUSH mode. We then step into writing our own DSC resource provider and step up the pace with setting up DSC in PULL mode, giving you a more complete look into the world of DSC.

• Geek Week Day 5 is we touch on some of the techniques which really can elevate your automation efforts. We cover background jobs and workflows. With workflows we can have long running, durable and recoverable scripts. We look at how to integrate with REST, ODATA and JSON. As the last chapter we will look at the brand new OneGet feature, a Linus like packaging system for Windows. All controlled through PowerShell.

While this is our starting point – we welcome the opportunity to broaden out our discussions to focus on YOUR needs. Have a script you want to write but can’t quite figure it out – bring it along and we’ll workshop it. Have bits of syntax you can’t quite figure out – we can help. Want to know how to work like the best in the business – that’s we’re there for.

But it’s not all Learning
We try to make the event fun as well as a great learning experience. Each day we visit a local restaurant for a break from the lab room for lunch, enabling us to sample a variety of Stockhom’s lunch places. On the Wednesday, we go out for beers and food. We encourage networking with both the other attendees and instructors plus we introduce you to the other superstars at or visiting LabCenter that week.


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