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PLC Advanced Course

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The course is the second step in PLC-training. Its is necessary to have the basic course in advance (PLC & HMI Basic training).

The aim is to get further knowledge about PLC-controlled machines including various supplementary devices. The course starts with a short repetition of the topics from the baic course. After that we focus on continued PLC-programming and HMI-functions. We cover various types of industrial communication based upon industrial ethernet. Both communication with passive nodes such as distributed IO:s, motor controls, RFID-units, and active nodes (i.e. communication between PLC:s) will be covered (including how to troubleshoot systems).

The course includes some theoretical presentation, but the focus is practical exercises. Some exercises will be based upon simulated machines using Factory IO, that is a powerful and user-friendly tool for practising PLC-programming. This tool can also be used by the participants when they want some hand-on on their own.

Later in the course a system with different physical devices will be demonstrated to get practical knowhow regarding industrial communication.

We will use siemens PLC:s and HMI and various other devices of various brands. The course material will be delivered digitally by our cloud drive. It includes material for presentation (Powerpoint), the examples that are demonstrated during the course, recording of the course (to be able to repeat the course afterwards), links for the software and more.


The course contains both pre- and post-studies. The purpose of this is for you to get as much out of the course as possible.

Before the course starts, you are given a login to our web desk where there is software, materials, videos and exercises. This pre-study work is done at your own pace. The purpose is for you to take the course better.

As postgraduate studies, you are given the opportunity to use the web desk. There we upload the exercises and examples that took place during the course so that you can rehearse the material for future needs at your own pace.



Service personnel, maintenance personnel, production technicians, industrial electricians

Required knowledge

You must have read our basic course in PLC & HMI training to complete this course or that you, through work experience, possess basic knowledge in the subject. In addition, you need basic knowledge of PLC, PC and electrical knowledge.



Repetition from basic course

  • Configuration of PLC-systems and HMI:s in TIA-portal
  • Demonstration of simulated project from the basic course
  • Troubleshooting exercises based upon the project from the basic course

New content for the advanced course

  • Continued programming for PLC
  • Configuration of more advanced HMI (SCADA)
  • Industrial communication by Profinet, TCP/IP and OPC UA by active (PLC-PLC) and passive nodes (PLC-distributed IO, frequency inverter, IO-link masters etc)

Examen, diplom m.m.


Personal course certificate is obtained after completion of education


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