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Web course ESA -14 Skilled Recurring

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Web course ESA -14 Skilled Recurring

Repeat your ESA Skilled by taking the new web course ESA -14 Skilled Recurring. When register for the web course you will also get access to the web-based knowledge bank, ESA Q.

The course is completely digitalized and self-instructing, you can complete it anywhere and at anytime that suits you.

After completing the course modules, you will have the opportunity to test the knowledge you have acquired. When you complete the test successfully you will get a printable course certificate as proof of your increased competence.

No previous knowledge required.

A web-based knowledge bank ESA Q

When register for the web course you will get immediately access to the new web-based knowledge bank ESA Q. ESA Q is designed to support you in your everyday working life.

You will get simple and explanatory answers to any questions about ESA. ESA Q helps you to manage all the details that are crucial for a functioning electrical safety work. Your appointed role at your worksite, your risk awareness, your working methods or what the healthcare needs to do in case of accident or emergency etc. ESA Q gives you information and answers when you are on a site with no or limited access to coworkers and/or publications since it is accessible using a smartphone or a tablet.

The origin idea with ESA Q was to raise risk awareness. The idea has grown stronger and today is a complement to the teacher-led programs and publications within ESA. To use ESA Q, you need to complete web course ESA -14 Skilled Recurring.

You have access to ESA Q and the web course ESA -14 Skilled Recurring for three years, then you need to renew your ESA knowledge according to the repetition requirement.

EBR, ESA and ESA Q are Energiföretagen Sveriges protected trademarks. Our registered trademarks give us exclusive rights and may only be used with Energiföretagen Sveriges permission.


Target group:
The course is aimed at anyone working at or near electrical installations.

Aim and goal:
The course is aimed at anyone needing to refresh their knowledge of ESA and wants to learn what is new within ESA. This web course is a review education.

Your workplace can for example be a power distribution grid installation, an industrial installation, accommodation and office installations. This course gives you knowledge of the content of the operating directives and special directions. After the course the theoretical knowledge should be applied in your practical day to day work.


Extended information:
The directives for heavy current for the maintenance of electrical installation and electrical devices can be applied regardless of when the installations were placed in service. The purpose of ESA is to explain the directives for safe electrical work for all personnel working at or near any principal types of electrical installations, for example power distribution grid installations, industrial installations, accommodation and office installations et cetera.

Excerpt of the course material:

  • You are important for the safety

  • Our mutual experience and knowledge

  • What are the requirements for working with electricity? ESA Functions

  • Safe communication

  • Risk management

  • Planning and implementation of the work

  • Safety measure and working procedures

The education is personal and may not be shared nor transferred.

The course is open 3 years from ordering date.

In order to complete the education, you need access to the publications ESA Principles and ESA Work. You can also purchase the publications as ESA Package.

You will also need access to the directions ELSÄK-FS 2006:1 and ELSÄK-FS 2008:3 from Elsäkerhetsverket, you can download them from their webpage.


Interactive lectures, exercises and a final test directly on the web. When registering you will get a text message with a link to ESA Q Skilled, our digital knowledge bank. You can easily open and save the link on your computer, mobile or tablet.


SEK 2 575 per person excluding VAT member Energiföretagen Sverige.
SEK 2 975 per person excluding VAT not member.

Examen, diplom m.m.

After completing the course, you will do a web based final test and are given the opportunity to print a certificate after completing the tests or wait for the certificate to be sent to you.


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