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Kundservice – att ställa rätt frågor

CHART Learning Solutions
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Ask the right questions

  1. Overview of STeR Questions
    Understand the persuasive power of questions, apply two types of influential power, know when and how to use open and close ended questions effectively to gather information, employ a four step process for organizing a question sequence that leads to agreement, understand the benefits of STeR questions, know how to use a storyline approach to questioning prospects and customers, and summarize an overview of Status, Trouble, Evaluation, and Recommendation questions.

  2. Status Questions
    Understand the definition and benefits of “Status” questions, employ personal, organizational, and operational status questions to organize an approach to asking questions, know how to use status questions to uncover general information, qualify decision makers, identify buying roles, and uncover potential trouble with a prospect’s or customer's current situation.

  3. Trouble Questions
    Discover change opportunities located in emotional “gaps” for solving problems, know the top 10 reasons by people buy, understand the difference between problems and trouble, how to identify buyer dissatisfaction, employ "Trouble" or pain-related questions to uncover a prospect's or customer's dissatisfaction, and apply a trouble versus cost value equation to help reveal dissatisfaction for buyers.

  4. Evaluation Questions
    Identify four ways people leave their comfort zone, understand the importance of evaluation questions for building need, employ cautions when using evaluation questions, know the difference between trouble and evaluation questions, analyze a major account conversation using evaluation questions, apply evaluation questions on the value equation, review examples of evaluation questions, know how to find hidden trouble with buyers, understand how evaluating trouble motivates change, and employ evaluation questions to evaluate or assess the importance, significance, and extent of damage caused by change.

  5. Recommendation Questions
    Understand the difference between evaluation and recommendation questions, know the benefits of recommendation questions, apply STeR questions in a scenario, know the different questioning skills needed from small to major account sales, employ recommendation questions to engage buyers in stating their ideal solution(s) and increase their commitment to the solution


Designed for service professionals, sales representatives, and support staff.

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George Boreman   |   2018-04-10
We are a US Helpdesk team who has been running this course. By understanding the customer dialogue we have managed to handle complaints better, we have got a common language and most important, our team is much stronger and motivated.

CHART Learning Solutions

CHART Learning Solutions

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CHART Learning Solutions


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Kundservice – att ställa rätt frågor
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