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Global Energy Challenges: Markets, Resources & Technologies

Chalmers Professional Education
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Global Energy Challenges: Markets, Resources & Technologies

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The present global energy system is characterized by an increasing demand for energy due to an increase in living standard and a growth of the world's population. However, there is a need for change in the type of fuel used in the energy and transport systems and a need for an increase in the efficiency of the use of energy. The main reasons for this are the challenge of climate change and the increased scarcity of extractable fossil fuel resources.

The course in Global Energy Challenges is aimed toward engineers that need to increase their knowledge about possible routes to a sustainable energy future. The course will give the necessary background and tools to analyze energy systems and different energy solutions. The aim is to illuminate these issues by drawing upon recent research in the area, and based on this discuss and scrutinize existing visions for a sustainable energy future.

Learning Objective

The overall learning objective is that the participant should be able to understand and analyze possible routes to a sustainable energy system given the constraints set by climate change and resource scarcity.

After finishing the course the participants should be able to skillfully discuss and analyze questions such as:

  • How will climate change policies reshape the world?s energy system over the coming decades?
  • How will global and regional resource scarcity reshape the world energy system over the coming decades?
  • What role may increased energy efficiency, renewables, fossil fuel and nuclear power, play in the near and long term future?
  • In which sector are limited energy resources most efficiently used, e.g., should biomass effectively be used for transportation fuels or for electricity production?
  • Which policies are needed for a cost-effective solution to the climate challenge?
  • How will the automotive industry be affected by the necessary transformation of the energy system?
  • What is the potential (physical and economic) for different energy options?

Teaching Approach
The course will use a combination of lectures, readings, group assignments and participant debates. The course will be influenced by recent research related to the energy-climate challenge. As a complement to the perspective offered by Chalmers there will be invited guest lectures on selected topics. Group assignments will to a large extent include a combination of calculations, use of computer based models and discussions. Besides the group assignments there will be compulsory team based written debates.


Engineers and economists on medium to large sized companies in the energy and/or transport sector, who need to improve their knowledge on international energy issues and how energy can be restructured in a more sustainable direction


Preferably Bachelor of science degree, although a bachelor in economics is also be acceptable


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