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Bas P / Bas U – Certificate Course - English (Principal Designer / Principal Contractor)

Byggsäkerhet Toppnock AB
Kort om utbildningen
1 dag
5 500 SEK exkl. moms
Nästa tillfälle: 2021-10-28 07:30 - Älvsjö
Distans, Göteborg, Linköping, Uppsala, Älvsjö
Öppen utbildning, Onlineutbildning
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5 500 SEK

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5 500 SEK

5 500 SEK


We strive for the highest quality and consistently receive top marks from our participants.

Some/few participants? Feel free to send an expression of interest, and we will return as soon as possible. We take assignments all over Sweden, distance is no obstacle. Distance education live, is also a good solution, we have consistently satisfied participants.

This course gives you the competence to work as BAS-P or BAS-U, if you have relevant experiences from building and civil engineering.

Swedish Work Environment Act requirement, regardless extent: At any Project within building and civil engineering, there must be a co-ordinator for work environment for both planning (BAS-P, Principal Designer) and the performing phase (BAS-U, Principal Contractor). This requirement is due to even smaller works and service jobs. It’s the Client who appoint the co-ordinators, and must have verified training, competence and experience enough for the role in relation to the work intended. This requirement is due since the 1:st of January 2011. The Client can let a Contractor or a clients’ delegee take all such responsibilities if the work is done independently and there is a written contract regarding the responsibility transfer. BAS P/U is the Swedish version of a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, previously known as CDM co-ordinator.

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The course is intended for customers, project leaders or others with responsibilities within building and civil engineering work and as well thou who's supposed to work with BAS P or BAS U.


  • Repetition, main parts of basic course
  • Stress and crisis reactions – crisis emergency and readiness
  • Work on hights, overview and exceptions according to AFS 1999:3
  • Responsibility deviation – Deep dive analysis
  • OSA – Organisational and social oriented work environment
  • Work ergonomics and risk assessments
  • Risk assessments – coordination
  • Sanction fees – Deep dive
  • Templates and standards – checklists
  • Prior notice to Work Environment Authorities
  • Co-ordination responsibilities – responsibility of co-ordinator in charge
  • Certification test
  • Adaption to the special need of the customer is possible, with comprehensive extensions for Chemical risks, Threat and Violence, Pole- and mast work, Fire risks/Heta arbeten® or other focus that may suite your activities.


5 500 SEK exklusive moms. The price includes course material, sandwich, lunch and afternoon coffee. This is day two out of two days required. Course certificate is obtained after completed training.

Please feel free to contact Byggsäkerhet Toppnock AB and ask about any conditions, for booking, more information, price or offer adapted to your needs. We take assignments throughout Sweden.

You might have a certain timeframe and/or a preferred area/location, small groups etc. We are extremely flexible with our schedule and try our best to find solutions to our costumers.


Fredrik Brandberg


Stöd för arbetsmiljöutbildning

Stöd för arbetsmiljöutbildning

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Mr Fredrik present us Swedish rules on the way to understand it, even for me who is the new in those things. Colleagues Joe and Stefan was exceptional so it was my pleasure to be part of.

Byggsäkerhet Toppnock AB

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Byggsäkerhet Toppnock AB

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