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Scaffolding 2–9 meters – Self-Study Course in English

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Scaffolding 2–9 meters – Self-Study Course in English

Course description

Self-Study Course in Scaffolding 2-9 meters

This is a self-study course for General Education Scaffolding 2–9 meters (ställning 2–9 meter). Included you will find find self-study materials such as PDF:s  and brochures.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority prescribes (AFS 2013: 4) that anyone who is directly or indirectly responsible for, plans or assembles / manages scaffolding must have undergone training. This applies regardless of previous experience. Branschutbildarna Sverige AB offers in accordance with these regulations ”General Education Scaffolding” which gives theoretical authority to build scaffolding up to nine meters. No practical teacher-led training is included in this course.

Course content


  • Rules for positions in Sweden.
  • Risks and safety when working with scaffolding.
  • Understanding of plans for construction, dismantling or changing scaffolding.
  • Methods for up and down transport / lifting of scaffolding material.
  • Different types and brands of prefabricated scaffolding.
  • Different methods of protection against falls during construction and dismantling of scaffolding.
  • Anchoring of scaffolding.


  • Who is responsible when it comes to scaffolds? The answer to the question about who has responsibility is that there can be several responsible parties, and the provisions about scaffolds are about responsibility of many different kinds.
  • Scaffolding is used in many sectors. On these pages you will find basic information about what scaffolding is, the risks there are with it, and how these risks can be prevented.
  • Risks with the use of scaffolding. The most common accidents with scaffolding are falls from height. This is clear from the Swedish Work Environment Authority statistics. A fall from height can, however, happen in many different ways.
  • Protect yourself against falls from height. This brochure is a support for you who will carry out work with building and construction, where falls from height can occur. You as employer can also need to have the provisions about building and civil engineering work, AFS 1999:3 to hand for more detailed information.
  • Questions and answers about scaffolding. Common questions and answers.
  • Preventive work with scaffolds .Systematic work environment management is the foundation of all work environment management, even for work with scaffolds. It is important that all employers have well thought out systematic work environment management.
  • Systematic Work Environment Management. Provisions of the Swedish Work Environment Authority on Systematic Work Environment Management, together with General Recommendations on the implementation of the Provisions
  • Scaffolding. Provisions of the Swedish Work Environment Authority on Scaffolding, together with General Recommendations on the implementation of the Provisions


This is How it Works

The course consists of 5 partial exams with 10 questions in each. A total of 50 questions. All questions are so-called ”cross-questions” where you have to click on the correct answer option. You must answer 9 of the 10 questions in each exam correctly to move on to next exam. Repeat the tests as many times as you want during the 60 days you have access to the course. You must take the tests in turn from 1-5.

After each partial test with approved result, that result is saved and you do not need to repeat it more than once. You can therefore continue to the next partial exam immediately or at a later time during the 60 days you have access to the course. When you have passed all the tests with approved result, you can immediately download your personal course certificate.


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