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AgilePM® (Agile Project Management™) Foundation & Practitioner eLearning

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Join the Agile Revolution!

Agile project management takes the ideas from Agile software development and applies them to project management. Agile methodologies generally promote a project management process that encourages stakeholder involvement, feedback, objective metrics and effective controls.

Why is AgilePM® so popular?

Agile project management qualifications are rising fast! Whilst agile development methods such as Scrum dominate the software industry, they are gaining popularity in other industries too.

As more businesses adopt agile, they are seeking dedicated agile project management methods to help them. Individuals with agile project management certifications can therefore command a premium in the jobs market.

There are 6 key factors why AgilePM® is proving to be popular.

1. It provides governance and agility
Based upon the Agile Project Framework (APF) which was established over 20 years ago, AgilePM® blends both corporate governance aspects with key agile concepts and is specifically aimed at project managers. The authors of the APF were the DSDM, one of the founding signatories to the agile manifesto.

2. Never compromise quality
Never compromising quality is an underlying principle of AgilePM®. This is helped by agreeing high-level acceptance criteria throughout the full project lifecycle.

3. Risk management
A starting point in AgilePM® for understanding risks is the Project Approach Questionnaire. This enables a shared understanding of project risks and how to mitigate them.

4. Goes beyond product development approaches
Whereas common agile methods such as Scrum offer product development approaches, they do not address project management. AgilePM® goes further than Scrum by offering an agile project management approach.

5. Clear roles and responsibilities
AgilePM® assigns clear roles and responsibilities to individuals from the business, user, technical and management areas so that effective stakeholder collaboration can be achieved.

6. Incorporates popular agile practices
Key agile practices such as MoSCoW, timeboxing and iterative development are incorporated into AgilePM® to support effective product development.

Changing requirements

Agile approaches recognize that users often don’t fully know their requirements when projects start and therefore, they will likely change during the project. Whilst changing requirements can often be problematic in more traditional project management approaches, agile approaches embrace changes in requirements.
On agile projects time and cost are normally the fixed elements but the requirements and scope of the project are variable. Agile therefore is better at delivering on time than more traditional project management approaches.

Agile approaches focus on incremental and iterative releases of products to users and customers, each iteration or incremental release giving the user yet more functionality. Agile can therefore deliver products early to users and this helps users better understand and refine their requirements after a period of use.

AgilePM® is the world’s leading certification in Agile Project Management. The qualification balances robust governance with a collaborative culture that inspires innovation and improves competitive advantage.

AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner eLearning Course

The APMG-International AgilePM® certification addresses the needs of those who work in planning contexts and who need to be agile. Agile management or agile project management is an interactive method for defining requisites and creating the corresponding output for projects, typically in the fields of engineering or information technology, which are characterised by a strong need for interaction and flexibility


The objective of the Agile Project Management Foundation course is to discover and explore these components, principles and processes. The Foundation level is also required to be able to go on to the successive qualification levels.

The AgilePM Foundation course is a prerequisite for access of the next level of qualification, AgilePM Practitioner.

The aim of the Agile Project Management Practitioner course is to ensure and confirm, with an exam pass, that a candidate is able to start and apply the method in many cases of real life projects.


Contents of AgilePM Foundation:

  • What is agile? The choice of the most suitable approach;
  • Agile Project Management ? The fundamentals;
  • Roles and responsibilities;
  • Preparing yourself for Agile Project Management;
  • Agile Project Management;
  • The processes and products of Agile Project Management;
  • The communication;
  • Prioritising and time-boxing;
  • Agile control;
  • Requisites, estimations;
  • Agile planning.

Contents of AgilePM Practitioner:

  • Participants who enroll an AgilePM Practitioner training course must have a thorough knowledge of the Foundation course topics.
  • The Practitioner level provides customization and application of Agile Project Management within the context of simulated real-world cases.

Access duration: 360 access days to the eLearning platform

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Who it is aimed at:

The Agile Project Management Foundation is useful for all those involved in the change within organisations, regardless of their level of competency in the field of project management, so for experienced project managers who do not know the agile methods and for for those who approach the project management for the first time.

The Agile Project Management Practitioner qualification level is particularly recommended for Project Managers. It is also relevant for resources working on planning, development and creation of a project the agile way.


This AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner
course will:

  • Explain how to lay the foundations for successful Agile projects
  • Explain how an Agile project is managed
  • Clarify the different management styles needed for successful Agile projects (compared to “traditional” projects)
  • Learn how to successfully apply AgilePM® to your projects

AgilePM Foundation course details:

  • 12 lessons (5 hours of video recorded by an accredited teachers)
  • Downloadable PDF documents with detailed content (slides, explanations) for each lesson
  • Mid course quiz with immediate online correction
  • 2 official mock exams
  • To complete the course and have an optimal exam preparation, we recommend you to spend at least 10 hours of study.

AgilePM Practitioner course details:

  • 15 lessons (6 hours of video recorded by an accredited teachers)
  • Downloadable PDF documents with detailed content (slides, explanations) for each lesson
  • Exercises and solutions
  • 2 official mock exams
  • To complete the course and have an optimal exam preparation, we recommend you to spend at least 10 hours of study.
  • Online course format and characteristics
  • Access 24/7

Examen, diplom m.m.

Exam and certification:

Take your exam whenever you are ready,
whenever you have the time and wherever you are..!!

The exam will be taken online giving you the comfortable choice of writing the exam at home or at the office. What we require is a computer with internet connection for the exam and webcam (ProctorU). The exam is included in this eLearning package.

Very flexible!

AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner exams

Once you have completed the AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner online training course you can test your knowledge on the AgilePM® Foundation mock exam simulator and AgilePM® Practitioner sample exam papers. Once you are achieving over 60% you can put yourself in for the real AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner exams. The AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner exams can be taken online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a time and date of your choice. 

Foundation exam

  • Multiple choice format
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 25 marks required to pass
    (out of 50 available) – 50%
  • 40 minutes duration
  • Closed-book

Practitioner exam

  • Objective testing
  • 4 questions per paper, 20 marks available per question 40 marks required to
  • pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
  • Two and a half hours duration
  • Open book examination (restricted to the AgilePM® handbook only)


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Maria Michel
The training course was very good. It is, of course, a must to read the whole manual and make sure you understand it, but the course was able to indicate for me where I should focus more (the highlights per chapter). It was also nice that I could practice my knowledge on the example test since it helped me understand the format of the test,...
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